Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chimera, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Just went out a lunchtime to post a parcel to find that the Post Office was closed for lunch.

    What's that all about? When do you think most of the general public want to use them? I can't believe that there are still places that get away with this. :x :x :x
  2. It's not just post offices that have ridiculous opening hours.

    I'm having to get a washer/dryer replaced in my new build apartment that is only 4 months old. It's a Whirlpool one but the cnuts will only come out and service/replace it office hours Mon to Fri. The chimps seem to forget that not everyone has the freedom to drop everything they're doing and pander to them. I've already had to stick in for 1 day's leave so the muppets could rock up at 1650 on a Friday and go 'yeah mate, it needs replacing' (I told them that already).
  3. vvank int
  4. You are quite lucky to have a Post Office that is still there.
  5. P P P P P P!

    Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents you getting P1ssed off by the Post office
  6. I would be outraged about this, but that's just too 2007.

    So, I think I'll just be mildly annoyed and yet stoic about this - stiff upper lip and all that.

    Yes, I know it doesn't feel as good as sheer, ear wax-melting, Daily-Mail-corresponding, Victor Meldrew-esque outrage, but then we're British (most of us) and we shouldn't allow ourselves such a sweet pleasure as apoplectic rage.

    Days of Empire...punting on the river...croquet on the in summer...long hikes in the Lake District...chocolate Labradors...The Times (in broadsheet, don't get me started on that one)...ruddy-faced coppers saluting as you drive past in the delivery boys...steam bottles of pop with a deposit when you return them...respect from youngsters...the BBC closedown in the evening with the National Anthem...

    Ah, I'm sorry, I'm going to have to stop now, my medication's arrived.
  7. The busiest time of day in a town centre is usually around 5.40, when thousands of people are finishing work. I find it amusing, but highly frustrating that shops, banks and services all seem to close at 5.30. Is it just me that thinks they could give their profits a major boost by opening an extra hour?
  8. Cuddles :?
  9. I can still remember when whole town centres would close on Wednesday Afternoons for 'Early Closing Day' When asked why? Its so the shop assistants can have time to go shopping (WHERE?)

    Give it another 20 years and they may wake up to the fact that it is the consumers that spend the money that pays their wages....... Not they who provide the service. [rant over]

    Suggestion! Don't open till 10:00, Close for lunch at 14:00 (2 O'Clock if you cannot tell the time) and close at 18:00 (6 O'Clock) or is that to simple for them?

    Oh and workman or services who visit you at home give you a guide time (even if it is AM or PM) and pay you if the are more than 2 hours late.
  10. Sorry, just slipped into OFaH/Cuddles mode for a moment there.
    I shall give myself a stern talking to.
  11. Hello chimera,

    I love and hate the Post Office in equal measure.

    On the plus side it is very local and hence convenient and the staff there are entirely wonderful.

    On the negative side,the opening hous can be inconvenient.
    Early closing on a Thursday is particularly annoying.
    Another grievance is collections which occur before the Post Office has closed,why can't they wait until they close and take the whole day's mail?
    Taken together,if I post something by next day delivery on Thursday morning,it goes in Friday's collection which,due to the weekend,is not guaranteed for delivery until the Monday.

    Royal Mail really don't seem to appreciate the asset that is the Post Office network,it is the one thing that gives them an advantage over the competition.
    The only reason I don't use another courier.
    I could print out all my postage labels online and just hand the parcels over at the local Post Office.
    That would be very quick and convenient.
    However,if I did that the money would not go through the tills at the local Post Office which would then be more likely to be closed.
    The alternative is having it all done manually by the girls behind the counter while a que forms behind.
    Not convenient,but better than having to travel miles after they close the local branch.

  12. TANGO SIX i sell stuff on EBAY and print all my postage and labels off on line but still take them to local post office when i handed them over the counter bloke used to take it off me and mess about processing it which started to get on my tits after a bit as it defeated the speed element of printing and paying online . then when i asked him why he did this he told me it was a scam so the office would get paid as though they d put stamps on the parcel :roll: crafty twat