Post Office Police Stations ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutaway, Sep 27, 2004.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    People living in rural areas will soon be able to report crimes at the local Post Office instead of going to the police.

    After the events at the Houses of Parliament on 15 September maybe it's understandable that people living in the countryside would prefer to go to the village Post Office, most Sub Post Mistresses would probably be more lenient on complainants......

    Always assuming that they can actually find a local Post Office !
  2. Being trialled out in my old village of Watton - the place only has a part time police station anyway, though you can usually find a police car cruising up and down about 9pm keeping a eye on the youngsters sitting around with nothing to do.
  3. And they'll try to act on it by lunchtime the next day, but can't guarantee that unless you're a "business user" averaging more than 50 complaints a day......... :roll:
  4. since successive governments have shut down rural post offices quicker than rural police stations, I fail to see how this is going to help.

    oh no, hang on, the government don't give a toss anyway so it's dosen't matter that country dwellers would have to travel to a large town to buy stamps or report a murder. 8O
  5. Let's face TechTech Tech, the pertinent words from your post were country dwellers - doesn't matter!
  6. Why not police the next Countryside Alliance demonstration with posties? It might be a lot less violent! And the riot police could deliver the mail - it might get there on time!
  7. Yeah, but you get batoned over the napper if the postage on the envelope is short. Postman Pat, on the other hand, could keep the furry-animal slaughterers pacified by threatening to unleash his black-'n'-white attack cat.
  8. Second class post already arrives before the law in this little rural area , is this just another way of reducing crime figures? If it ain' reported it ain't a crime.