Post Office Cyber Attacked.

Anybody know anything about today's cyber attack on the post office ??

Apparently the whole country is down effectively paralysing most transactions it is able to make.
Just checked my online PO acc,,,,,No probs here....
The smell of stale piss in the que must be horrendous by now.
They're probably having a marvellous time moaning about it!
Given the state of the slack jawed bufoons running our local PO,they will only notice next week.
The bleached blonde,lets call her Shardonnay,requires a calculator to estimate the cost of three firsts and two second stamps.She is not too clear why New York,New York is part of an address and also has personal hygiene issues.
Don't let's start on the one we'll call Derek.
Hmm ..... Official body's in the UK have a nasty habit of playing down the real situation.

Well, i guess it's no bill paying for me today. :headbang:
Went into the Local one this morning to send a Package, she spent ten
minutes explaining why I couldn't pay by Card....Silly Cow, I was paying

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