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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by armadillo, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. What are the regulations for ther use of post noms?. Are we allowed to post noms of a professional body? Or is it only senior officers that are allowed to use them?

    I cant find the relevant regulation. Can those of us use them on letterheads and suchlike?

    Just qualified for a professional qualification after five years hard work.

  2. I only use mine on business cards - company policy. But I do remember seeing a few "MoD" business cards from serving officers who list degree qualifications, awards and membership of professional bodies.
  3. It's mandatory for the RAF to do it. Your walting it if you're Army, unless your a vet.
  4. I have seen WO's and SNCO's with them on letterheads, its a bit gay though (IMHO), but I suppose if you have worked hard for 5years to get it, then why not flaunt it! Congratulations :D
  5. My boss came in and asked me to take it of my leeterhead and the sign on my door. He tells me it is not recognised by the army. Well it is recognised by some of the biggest blue chip companies globally. It is part of a riyal society so Her Majesty must recognise it. Probaly sour grapes I forget that the more senior you get the less you hate being reminded you are thicker than everybody else. LOL.

    I worked for it, so I should be proud of it.

    Thanks for the comments guys, Mrs Armadillo has just reminded me that it doesnt get me scott free from doing the washing up, and the lawn needs a trim.

  6. Never heard of post nominals 'not being recognised' by the Army - as long as they are 'genuine' then I would assume that whoever earnt them is entitled to use them, supposed 'Army recognition' or not.

    What are the letters/qual/society? Feel free to PM.

    Oh, and congratulations!

    Here's what Wikipedia says:
  7. "Woo look at me; shite soldier but check out my post nominals"
  8. if yore splling is like wot is is ere i dred to fink wot it mite aktally say.

    If you are a CMT it could lead to sum dredful misunderstandings / much hilarity...
  9. As I understand it, according to JSP101, your name shouldn't be on the letterhead either, so the issue of post noms there shouldn't arise.

    Your name should be in the signature block. JSP 101 does state that post noms shouldn't be used there.

    Round one to your boss, but maybe not for the reasons that he gave.

    Win round two by getting one of these: and personalising it with your name and post noms. ;)
  10. I do hope we are not talking something wannky like IoM for Institute of Management which I was a member of for a year after doing my EFP and for a small fee each year I could keep them there, or at least thats what they said.

    Maybe I should of used them in the Daily Occourance book, I could see the rassman being happy with that one :D
  11. Whats the organisation? If you want to flaunt it, you may as well do so here.

  12. Very funny, I am dyslexic. plus I had to send the post before doing a spellcheck as the office poison dwarf was creeping around.
  13. See debretts Correct Form for among other things the correct order of these things.
    I once witnessed a car crash of a presentation by some plod DS from Henley (apparently) the title slide included his name accompanied by a list of post noms in the incorrect order and included some unknown organisations; their number was in indirect proportion to the coherence to the talk. It just said inferiority complex
    I think it a bit infra dig to use them all the time, even professionally, unless seriously distinguished
  14. Only to be used on demi-official letters (if they still exist) in my opinion, the only ones you should use on a business card are those relating directly to your profession (e.g. ACMA for an accountant). Post nominals on name plates are w@nk and used far too often by my fellow crabs.