Post nominal letters of RAFVR(T)

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barneyrnsm, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. This was in the ACF forum to start with but it was suggested that you gents maybe able to help!

    Does anyone know where the rules and regs are for the use of post nominal letters? We have a new CFAV in our CCF who is using RAFVR(T) on all letters including those nothing to do with cadets. Yes he is a walt but I want to shoot him down with the quote from the relevant regs. Maybe JSP 313 or any other ideas,just tried on the internet and two hours later I am none the wiser about it.
    I was a submariner for 22 years and the only reason people know I was a submariner is my lack of tan,glow in the dark and the smell!
  2. RAFVR(T) stands for Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training) it is for Officers in charge of the Air Training Corps & the CCF (RAF) Section.

    They are unpaid and work with cadets and do great work. I know a few Walty RAFVR(T) Officers who do actually think they are Guy Gibson Material. In the 1980's one guy used to have RAF Roundels on his bonnet and rear plate and used to fly a pennant from his house until he was advised to keep quiet.

    99% of the RAFVR(T) are dead on but you get the odd muppet.

    My cousin who was an RAF Armourer Cpl gave an RAFVR(T) Officer a dig in the face after he told him his shoes were not shiny enough and tried to show him up infront of cadets during a visit to the bomb dump.

    Sadly folk can use RAFVR(T) as Post Noms but only the insecure ones do !
  3. Some people really do have too much time on their hands

    Did he really?
  4. Not time,its pride in the cadets i was in before a full career in the RN and dont want to see it dragged down by this muppet. The CC when I was a cadet was a WW2 RAF intelligence officer and he never used RAF ret unless on official post
  5. I know somebody who had a DFM and BEM (both in the days they existed. Both are now gone) and never stuck that on post. and that's a hell of a lot more to boast about than a cadet commission.