Post Natal Depression or PTSD after emergency C Section?????

Hey guys!

Well I am here in Canada and me and the aul fella are loving it. He doesn't miss the army ONE bit lol!

But anyway, on to the point of the thread.

I am doing "psychology" here and am really interested to know if there is a link between PND (post natal depression) and PTSD when women have given birth via emergency C - Section.

In no way am trying to belittle the experiences of people who have suffered PTSD, I am trying to back up my theory that the pharmaceutical companies would much rather emphasise PND rather than PTSD. Or in many cases - depression genreally is being over diagnosed.

Now for any of you that have wives that have been through this type of birth I am sure you will know why I am trying to carry out this research, you will probably have sat and scratched your head at what is "wrong" with her because you can see yourself she's not "depressed", but you know there is something not right.....well this could have been it!

So, what I need is people who have been diagnosed with PTSD in the last year or indeed women who are told they are PNDepressed after emergency c-sections to fill out a questionnaire. So if either yourself or the missus or anyone you know may be able to help could you please PM me? It won't take more than a few minutes and will be confidential.

You see my theory is, women are handed pills for depression due to the overstretched health service, when what they are in fact suffering from is PTSD, esepcially where the baby has been distressed....But if any emphasis is put on PTSD it immeadiately shows that there may have been some sort of shortfall in the medical care she had during the birth ie:why did things get to that point where an emergency section was carried out.

Please don't think I am undermining the effects of PTSD at all, what I am trying to do is show a correlation in the symptoms and a major downfall in the post natal care for women. So come on lads it if doesn't help you - it may help your missus, sister, daughter etc!

Hope you are all well (Thanks giving here today so off to stuff a Turkey :roll: :roll: )

Any advice, feedback etc I more than happy to read and react to! This is all new to me, but I just really want to do something for other women who are being so badly treated.

All the best
I think you will find other research which supports what you are trying to do here - however, I would question whther the responses you will get off this site are academically valuable to any data you are gathering - I wouldn't advise using it on anything other than the most anecdotally-based introduction.
After giving birth women often suffer from Post Natal Depression, and if you are studying psychology I thought you would know that.
Anchor, you seem to miss the point I am making.

I am fully aware that women suffer from PND what I am trying to bring in to question is the readiness with which this is diagnosed, when women who have been through trumatic briths often report symptoms of PTSD and don't get any help other than a box of tablets, which we all know is pretty useless on it's own....

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