Post-mobilisation TA pay bands - warning

Having just spent 32 months in mobilised service (LDOS 3 months ago), I took up my TA appointment and started doing MTDs again. I received my first pay statement last month. When I mobilised, I was Level 6 of 9. When I demobbed, I was on Level 8 of 9. My first TA pay statement paid my MTDs at Level 6 of 9.

Obviously, the TA JPA record had not been automatically or manually updated to reflect the increases which had occured on the mobilised JPA record. My unit admin guy has been helpful and is getting it put right, so I am not looking for help on this.

This is just a warning for all those mobilising to check that your pay levels on your TA JPA record are correct once you get back from a tour, especially if you have extended on one op or have done several tours since the introduction of TA increments.

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