Post Master Cadet

I will soon be doing my master cadet course (hopefully 15 - 20th October) and was just wondering if there are any courses that can be done after this.

I was thinking along the lines of maybe a parachute course or something similiar. Does anyone know of any courses ?

Did you enjoy clc? Who were your platoon staff? After master cadet, it's more about giving something back to your ACF rather than continually gaining qualifications. Are you signals qualified? DoE? Adventure Training? Think more along the lines of giving something rather than being given.
I agree with booboo.

Use what ime you have left to educate cadets that are below you.
They will by now look up to you and will appreciate any knowledge and experiences you have being passed down to them.
Now is the time to teach the cadet NCO's below you the way you do things so they can carry on after you have left.

my tuppence worth anyhoo
I totally agree with both of you about the passing down of knowledge, but i want it to be known to the younger cadets that its not just about working towards your 4 star/SCIC and master cadet but you can actualley do some really fun courses after that and still be able to imoprove your skills past these.

Yes i did enjoy CLC booboo. I had Captain P (RGR) and Captain Johnson (RE) and Colonel Mitten.

How did you know ?
Master cadet is usually seen as the culmination of everything that a cadet can achieve. You are now at the stage where you should already be passing on what you know and giving others the benefit of your experience. If you have stuck reasonably closely to the syllabus guidelines, you should not have too much longer to go as a cadet, and the courses open to you after this, if you wish to continue in the ACF, are called ITC, AI and KGVI. This may appear flippant but isn't meant to. The next step is to become an AI and help cadets to carry on in a fine tradition. Good luck.
No seriously booboo how do you know ?

papegojan - after i do master cadet i will have aproximatley a year left. Once i leave cadets i will be joining the TA.
In that case there are specific skills courses you can attend if you wish, such as PTI, sigs etc. As for syllabus developement in a linear sense, you're at the top of the tree. If you pass your county will be lucky to have the experience of a master cadet on its strength. Once again, Good luck with it.
Thanks papegojan. Thats why i wanted to do the parachute course hoping i could carry it over to the TA when i leave.

Come on booboo who are ya ? reveal your true identity ?
Stockton96 said:
No seriously booboo how do you know ?
Because you posted that you were going to do it on ARRSE....on the same page about re-varnishing your pace-stick etc!

Possibly, unless booboo knows something I don't.
After Master Cadet the only thing really left is the Claire Shore Competition. There is also the Cadet Leadership Course at Frimley and the HQ Land Leadership Course at Nesscliff - if you havent already done these. You can always get involved with the signals courses held at Blanford or another large stepping stone is the Canadian Leadership Courses.

Hope this helps.....
I was there young man!! *gasp* As ADS, not for your platoon though, I even shared a room with Capt Johnson.

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