Post-Marathon Recovery Advice

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gremlin0790, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done before, but I couldn't find anything on this from the search engine.

    I'm running in a marathon on Sunday and I was wondering if anyone had any post-marathon recovery tips. I've found some tips using google, however the problem is that almost immediately after I finish the marathon I go off to my unit's annual camp - which includes a PFT, CFT and a 4 day FTX in the week after the marathon. A lot of the info I have found essentially says sleep, eat well, and rest the muscles, which essentially I won't really be able to do.

    I want to do as much as I can, but I am not silly enough to cause myself injury. Does anyone have any nuggets of advice? Cheers for any help!
  2. Well firstly good luck, I ran London this year and was surprised how much the heat affected my performance. With regard to the marathon itself if it is imperative you take onboard a decent amount of water and some electrolytes salts etc…

    Your recovery time will depend on your level of fitness, i.e. how often do you run 20+ miles.

    Certainly, if this is your first marathon the day after you are likely to be sore. The day after that you are likely to be very sore. I certainly wouldn’t have fancied doing a CFT/PFT in the week that followed. That is not to say it would have been impossible, just uncomfortable.

    To maximise recovery take onboard some serious protein/carbohydrate as soon as you finish. Also eat a square meal within 2 hours of finishing.

    In the days that follow try to stay supple with some light exercise and stretching, but expect to be quite sore.

    Your best bet is some decent painkiller/anti inflammatorys to take during the week which follows, along with a steady intake of protein to aid recovery.

    For more information google Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

    Ultimately, completing a PFT and CFT in the week that follows should not be impossible, but it will be harder, but nothing you cant overcome with a bit of grit and determination.
  3. Cheers Jock!

    Unfortunately it is my first marathon, and even though I am reasonably fit I am expecting quite a bit of pain in the days that follow. It doesn't help that is absolutely tropical up here in Scotland!

    I've stocked up on ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory gels (like Deep Freeze etc.) and am preparing for the worst. No doubt with my luck the PFT will be the next day and a the CFT the day after.

    Is there any advice you have to avoid long term injury? I expect a lot of the pain will be quite natural, but the last thing I can afford is knackering a muscle or joint.

    Cheers again!
  4. Sports massage after, they're great !
  5. Assuming you are fully fit for the event then your recovery should be a rest day for each mile run. That be 26 then. During that time you can do short light runs of course (20 mins max) but I would suggest steady walking instead.

    Regarding CFT, BFT etc. After the marathon 'go sick', i.e. book an appointment and visit your MO for a check up, serious, this is not wheening out. Express your recovery concerns and have him/her arrange a recovery period drawn up with your CO. You may get fcuked off at high port but my point is you will have done a tough endurance event and just like with elite runners you will need to recover. Ignorance of throwing a pack on your back because you are military sounds great to the desk jocky but the truth is no one needs an injured soldier when it can be avoided.
  6. I can't add anything to the very sensible advice you've recieved so far; just want to say good luck today.

    I've got the fan on full-blast and I'm sweating just typing this! You're a braver man than I am... 8O
  7. I did all the above but then topped up with a vast amount of Carlsburg, not one of my better ideas
  8. How was it?
  9. Whhhoooorrrrffffuuuulll
  10. I hope you recover very quickly from your Marathon.

    My Marathon consists of 90 pints of Stella and a chicken Phall.