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Why does the above post keep moving, Ok it questions the sexuality of some of the instructors. But arrse bandits are allowed now, like the Russians we're all friends.

It makes allegations about the whereabouts of some recruits.

Even advertises for instructors. So why has it been moved?.
So far today its been in the Naffi Bar now its in the arrse hole.


Because it it not adding anything to the TA Forum or the NAAFI bar?

Well I've seen some stuff on here that was not adding to the TA, total guff in fact. But surely if people are continuing to post and others are reading those posts. Who is to say what does not interest one interests another.

The post in question did include RTCs advertising vacancies, then moved on to unfounded accusations about shagging. (Which while I know to be untrue, I did think were funny).

It is after all a rumour service.

fair point, a rumour service it is. If people are interested and its loosely connected to the TA why move it. It seems we can not decide for ourself if the post is worth reading/posting. Clearly if people are interested (Reading/commenting) and the post bares some relevance it should stay??
Schoolstaffinstructor, who is that on your avtar. Thats me on mine!.

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