Post from the UK for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan

I have family in England that would like to send me parcels while I am overseas. How should they go about doing that? Would it be free? What are the restrictions/guidelines? If they were to send it the way that we send our parcels overseas, postage would have to be paid all the way to Canada where it would fly out to Afghanistan - surely there's a better way.

Thanks for the help!
Find a British unit near you, if possible,talk to one of their grown ups and see if they will allow your mail to be posted there using their unit address and BFPO.

Worth a go.

If no UK units nearby i can't really advise.
dsche090 said:
you mean near me in KAF?
No darling, I am a bit further south, if you want me to write to you, PM me.
Whilst ensuring OPSEC is maintained..................go to your nearest Brit Unit, then ask if they will accept mail for you from the UK (explain why).

Try not to talk about where you are or where the Brits may be on here matey.

Good luck
You could also contact the Canadian MFRC in London. It is located in at CFSU Daws Hill (no longer in High Wycombe), at the US base at West Ruislip (last stop on the tube, Central Line I think).

Here is their contact information
Staff - Personnel
United Kingdom CMFRC Staff
Director: +44(0)1895-812205

Information & Resource Coordinator:+44(0)1895-613041

Program Coordinator: +44 01980-590586
CFSU(E) Det Daws Hill
86 Blenheim Crescent, Building 188
United Kingdom

From public website:

If your family can get it to them, the Canadian postie should be able to send it on to your CFPO.
dsche090 -

If your family in the UK are still looking to send stuff to you...

You can send it to the postmaster at CFSU(E) Postie, he is very helpful and more than willing to send on your parcels. However, he did advise me that he still needs to send stuff via the main hub in Trenton/Belleville, so the turnaround time for you to get your parcels would be almost double as if it were sent from Canada...


Your family can try sending it via BFPO as per the following example

SN, Rank, Name, Initial
BG or PRT or NSE/Unit/Sub-Unit
CFPO 5056
C/O BFPO 772

this of course would be free for them, and it was told to me by the postie at CFSU (E) so it should work.

However, I will add that I bet it relies on the goodwill of the posties at BFPO 772 to send it across to the canadians, so perhaps tell them not to send things every other day etc. ie don't take the piss.
In my case BFPO 772 were fantastic at delivering BFPO free mail from UK across to Cdns. I ensured that I talked to the new Roto when they changed over during my tour to reinforce the favour they were doing for me and made sure parcels had my Canadian unit c/o BFPO 772 on the address too. . I used to get regular parcels that ended up being delivered directly to my place of work. Thanks guys!

Only went wrong on the first one so I expect someone in the UK AOR ended up with a parcel of my mother's welshcakes!

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