Post for the women

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by evil_barbie, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. i noticed this site is very male orintanted...and because we are suposed to have equal right...this post is for us girls.

    So lets get chatting. :wave:
  2. Ooo have you seen Sharon in accounts? Whats she thinking of, wearing stripes with an ar$e as big as hers?
  3. Do you have an interest in DAFWOF ?
  4. " this site is very male orintanted" funny that...

    Anyway, you might enjoy more

    Sandy you are dead on, she shouldn't have worn stripes. Did you hear she'd dry-humped with Nigel against the photocopier??
  5. Another man pretending to be a woman :yawn: Oh how original. You'll be posting photgraphs next.

    I'll be that you're in the RE.

  6. Wny call it 'dry humping' when the geezer is usually left with a small map of Italy down the front of his keks?

    Besides, that's a load of tosh. Migel is gay. He's been shagging Gavin (the ex RAF Officer) from HR for ages.
  7. I went the other day and got me hair done and you know what? That new hairdressers is great but the one hairdresser in there is a right bitch, right stuck up cow she is, it was all me me me and she wore enough make up to paint a portrait, thought her face would crack if she smiled but anyway she said how are you and I said fine and she said nice weather we're having and I said yes but its a bit nippy but did you hear about Cheryll?, having an affair she is but her hubby's a barsteward anyway, wont give her his credit card or nuffin, good luck to her I say, wish I could find a sugar daddy to take me away from the married patch........and breath!!
  8. Funny not all women are biatches.

    And there nought wrong with a big arse.
  9. please explain!!!
  10. #

    Dont get me wrong i do love being round you ego-centic, tetesorone leeking men.
    I would just like the women to be involved too.

  11. Oh trust me i an purely all women... oh and 4 months pregnant...

    now shut it or ill get me dad on you.. he's well ard.
  12. Ooo, the cow, she knew I liked Nigel, I'll scratch her eyes out! Have you seen her eyebrows lately? she must have lost her tweezers, and her split ends are simply awful..................
  13. Ok you're a bit too good at this, and now you're scaring me! :-D

    Also slightly worried that evil_barbie thinks I'm a chap. One will have to work on one's vocal pitch, and sticking one's breasticles out.
  14. Fuck off to rear party then split arrse, and take your unborn fucking progeny with you.... dont let the door bang your overweight ron hill clad arrse on the way out.

    You'll be expecting to be allowed to vote next.
  15. No mention of a husband I see.