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Discussion in 'US' started by medwaymud, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Probably best that you cancel the BBQ planned for next week as it looks like your fcuktard leaders are taking your kids, nephews and nieces to war in the Middle East again.

    They tell you it will be just dropping a few bombs, firing a few missiles ..... but we have all just had 10 or more years of mission creep.

    Do you really want this ? When you chat with your pals do the majority of them think its going to do some good ?

    Or is your Democracy a farce and your elected Representatives do what serves them - not you ?

    Thoughts on a postcard please.
  2. I don't know one person here who thinks this is a good idea. Most support good guys over bad guys. Whenit is bad guys vs bad guys let them both kill each other.

    I emailed and called my congressman and both of my Senators here in Massachusetts (Markey and Princess Fauxcahontas) despite knowing they will obediently follow the party line.

    It is amuzing to see all the Hollywood types (Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Streisand etc) who publicly ranted when Bush went into Afghanistan and Iraq but now are totally silent.

    By the way, can anyone remind me why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!
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  3. Reap what you sow, enjoy.

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  4. Yeah, he was the messiah at the time and could do no wrong. That halo has fallen, (thank God) and at least some people are waking up, worldwide.

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  5. We can't afford the bus fares mate.

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  6. One hundred thousand dead and approximately two million DP as a result of conventional munitions and only now does faux outrage demand a response. And the response? Small scale, limited scope, short duration and to what purpose? I have struggled to find some rationale for this. And failed. Don't tell me Obama is so desperate to leave a legacy that he thinks that a strike against Syria and going mano a mano with Vlad the Impaler is a reasonable way to go?
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  7. That's about what I thought. Killing and maiming civilians with conventional munitions is not a problem, however someone uses a bit of gas and teddies start flying. Neither means of killing are acceptable against non combatants.
  8. I , among others on here, have been wide awake since His immaculation, erm...inauguration.
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  9. too right mate , let the edjets kill themselves off first before we get embroiled in a fourth gulf war

  10. Have you not realized this is but more of the elaborate Kabuki theater to which we have been subjected for the last 5.5 years. He has never been what He and his fawning media sycophants have tried to portray Him as being. That He is unfit (for myriad reasons) for the job is manifest.
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  11. That is the LAST thing we need to happen--He is undeserving of the iconic status such an end would afford Him and given the horrible state of race relations that has deteriorated since He came on the national scene (He was to be the Great Healer remember), an assassination for political reasons would be morphed into a racial killing by His propaganda arm formerly known as the media.
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  12. So find a black guy to take him out.
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  13. You have indeed been consistent JJH .

    My posting this thread was to get a better feel of American opinion - in light of the recent unusual step by Barry.

    He has ( in effect ) waived his right as Supreme Commander - to take his country to war.
    He has ( in effect ) asked Congress to ratify his desire to go to war.
    All those Congressmen are supposed to reflect the Democratic will of the majority of their electors.

    If you Americans reckon consensus around you is ' no war in Syria ' and your Congressman votes ' Lets bomb the bastards' as DavidBOC suggests ie. toeing the Party line ...... what condition is your ' Democracy ' really in ?