Post Falklands Parachute Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 10055991, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I am posting this due to the help I received from my last request for veterans of the Falklands War.

    I am looking for 2 members of the Parachute Regiment (post Falklands) who would be willing to answer an email questionnaire on what the Falklands meant to you as a soldier? I need 5 altogether, and currently have 3 - more than 5 would be welcome also.

    I am writing a dissertation on the Falklands, 2 and 3 PARA - the significant role they played. I'm not a journo and can provide evidence of this, I have thus far interviewed 30plus veterans of the conflict from both battalions via email and mostl in person. If you need verification please let me know, and I can maybe ask those I've interviewed thus far for said verification to give to you.

    I thank you in advance, and any input you can provide would be much welcome. I need to get the viewpoint of para reg soldiers on those that went before them as regimental history - whether they inspired you to sign up or whether you knew nothing of them until you got to Bn - all viewpoints welcome. It will require nothing more than a page of answers to questions and I won't intrude on You in person. Thank you so much for reading - much respect
  2. I hope one day you can provide a link so I can read the dissertation.

    What have you postulated so far?
  3. It is a study of the battalions - an oral history project, I am writing it from a cultural/social history viewpoint. I am looking at the role the Regiment played, the sacrifice made there, and thereafter- physically, mentally / singularly, collectively. It's not all about the sadness but also about the humour, the shaping of an airborne soldier, and the impact on Regimental history the Falklands had
  4. Hi,

    The reason I'm not looking to speak to veterans is that I spent January and February interviewing, and have now finished. I just needed the viewpoint of soldiers who came after them where possible.
  5. why
  6. Was it the smell of piss stained tousers that put you off? (pish stained bootneck just saying like!)
  7. Quartered Safe - the reason I want the viewpoint of those who served afterwards is because I'm looking at the impact the soldiers had on the Falklands, but also to an extent, the impact the conflict had on them, and on Regimental history. I submitted the official number of 5 post Falklands paras to my tutor back in December, but since then the number has fallen to 3, due to circumstances beyond my control. Hence why I'm looking for a further 2, thanks.
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  9. What he said, would love to read this, being of 80s vintage.