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Post Exercise Report (PXR)

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Does anyone have a copy of a PXR that they could send me via email/PM?

My unit has just conducted a military training exercise and I have been tasked with producing a PXR, if I am honest, I have never written one before and don't know where to start!

Many thanks

It's all pretty much common sense - good and bad points Light discipline, noise, Convoy discipline etc.

We used to have a PXR as a unit and could put our points to the OC. Lasted about 3 exs. Was like PMQs :)
As already said by Taffnp, what would you change next time (if anything). Things that went well, things that were dogturd etc.

Not that hard. Read the Admin Order and follow the headings.


Thanks guys

I pretty much had the points you mentioned, but I am after an example I can use so that I get the the layout correct. I have got an old adventure training PXR but that is AT specific, so not much use!!

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