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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ShortFatBloke, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. I'm interested* in what former Int Corps members go on to do once they have left the Corps. Have you stayed in a role similar to that in the Corps or gone on to do something complete unassociated with your former career? What qualifications have you gone on to do since leaving?

    For example, I left in 2001 and have worked for the last five years as a project manager in the pharmaceutical industry, something completely alien to what I was doing as a darksider. I have done both the PRINCE2 (not as resettlement but after about 4 years in the job) and APM Professional.

    *Actually 'interested' is a bit of a strong word, I'm just trying to put a bit of life back into a forum that is obviously mourning the (temporary) loss of CR.
  2. I became a classical actor, althought I do have to turn to the odd bit of modelling between my theatrical committements.

    CR and I would like to thank everyone for making our wedding such an enjoyable day.. Sadly not all the Mortar boys could get to the evening do. Nice to see a few theatrical chums there including some of the Harp Players. The "maids of honour" did us proud at the registry office.

    We will be writing to you all in person to thank you for your presents when we get back from our honeymoon in Mykonos.
  3. ...not Lesbos?

    For shame.
  4. After a short but exciting time as an agent-in-place for (simultaneously) the SVR, Mossad, SDECE and Ikea, I gravitated naturally to the exciting field of Zeppelin inflation, spending two happy years as the Junior Blower at the Scunthorpe Inflation Works, before finding my current niche as prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet and rightful King of Rumania.

    I was an usher at sub and CR's wedding and I'm not ashamed to say that I wiped away a tiny tear at the beauty and economy of the service. Whiskybreath's sermon, in particular, excited responses I haven't felt for years.
  5. I however, have not left. I was also not invited to CR and Sub's wedding.

    Therefore I will be attending 'How to sulk in the work place' which is being held in my local AEC. I may even move onto 'post modern bitterness and stalking'....
  6. If CR is to be believed (that's a big if) he was in No 1s, which means that you must have been earing the dress! I hope you weren't so barefaced as to wear white! Obviously you must be the wife in the relationship as a bloke would never write the thankyou cards!!!!
  7. How about collecting trolleys in Somerfield carpark in Shefford. Not too far to walk to The Bridge after work and prop up the bar ready to pass on your wisdom to squad 300; "during the war" etc. 8)
  8. B1tch!

    You will see the photos in "Hello!" magazine next month, we both wore the No1 dress tunics of the Short Range Naffi Group ( Chartruse facings) with buttons and glengarry of the Gordons. The lower half was kilts of the traditional 48 (Lowland) PARA "Edinburgh ducks" clan tartan, with sporans by sonic comms of Birmingham.

    Both wore Intelligence Corps hose, the bride wore flying boots with AAC puttes, and flying gloves ; the groom wore wire brushed Clark's desert boots with RUC Gaiters and Op TAMARISK issue latex gloves.

    His pilots wings were nicely set off by my 48 Para Recon LALO wings.

    edited to add " and by my Sennelager Jubliee medal" and my laminated BAOR summer show car pass" Thanks to the "Threat!" artist for the Illustrated order of service cards and Lord St John Shelley of Cosford (AKA: SJ) for the excellent potfolio of tasteful monochrome wedding images, all processed as usual outside work's time and with all his own consumables! :oops:
  9. Nope - I've already got that job part-time along with assistant groundsman
    for the Priory gardens.
  10. Does anyone remember "Terry The Bin" at Ashford. Now that was a man happy in his work. I wonder if he was ex-Corps?
  11. He was actually the CI at the Manor. Not a lot of people knew that.
  12. I remember me and A N Other unnamed reprobate squirting him with p!ss filled water pistols – he wasn’t so happy in his work on that occasion!
  13. Ex Corps RSM wasn't he?

    Ian the glass collector used to be the Director I'd heard.
  14. Is he the one we used to call "Wolfman" and howl at? That fecker used to get hairier whenever the full moon was coming up, I swear it! :lol:
  15. Visiting my mother in law at work in Jersey, where she was Company Secretary to one of the investment houses... One of the staff walked in and was introduced to me as my MIL's secretary, she knew I was Corps and said "You'll probably know my ex-husband"...

    "Who's that then?" I replied.

    "Brian P*****T, the Director..."

    "Er... yes, I think I've seen him around!" 8O