Post Commissioning Training (PCT) course (AKA Module 5)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ex_Pompadour, May 1, 2009.

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  1. All TA officers commissioned through the Modular System have to do PCT as a requirement for promotion to Lt and for mobilisation. A few may still need it as a requirement for the confirmation of a Probationary Commission.

    LDRTC is delivering an extra PCT course this year:

    Weekend 1 Mobilisation 30/31 May
    Weekend 2 Managing Soldiers 20/21 June
    Weekend 3 CBRN TBC

    You don't have to do the weekends in sequence because they are on different topics.

    The course is held at Longmoor and there are still places available.

    PM me if you want to attend.

    This is an extra course, not on the training program, so don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

  2. i had been told as of last september mod5 was no longer required, however officers could still not deploy within the first year.

    51 bde still run mod5 however, as (clearly) others do.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Did someone provide you with a reference?

    If not, here is a good lesson to learn.

  4. yeh if i remember rightly i was told at sandhurst. and further confirmed by my adjutant and the Major who teaches the mod5 at 51 bde.
  5. as do 15 and 38. it is still mandatory according to them.

    now, you could be right, but if nobody tells the Bdes then how much money and time is being wasted?

    A sign of the times.
  6. Does anyone know if this course must be completed before your Special to Arm/YO's course?

    I.e. before PCBC/Platoon Tactics Course for Infantry Pl Comds?

    Or can Mod 5 be completed at another stage independently from the respective qualifying courses?
  7. Can be done at any time, it just means that you will not get your second until you do it.

    for example, i've someone doing a 30mm gunnery course as getting on that is difficult at times. Mod 5's run quite often so as long as he does that at some time before his due for promotion date then no problem.
  8. Ah, grand. I think I've a little while before any promotion date in any case.

    Cheers Quiller
  9. not a problem, pm me if you hqve any particular questions, although you shouldn't be doing inf, armoured recce is much better.

    and yes, i am drinking at the mo, so pardon my grammer.
  10. Got to say, the prospect of trundling round in AFVs with lotsa guns does sound a pretty good one. Happy with my unit for the next few years at least but would probably be looking at living elsewhere after that...

    What's the life of a Troop Leader in the Yeomanry/TA RAC like then Quill :?
  11. Once upon a time the TA were given Probationary Commissions, which were confirmed after 12 months subject to passing special-to-arm training and satisfactory performance. Then the Modular TACC was introduced and Module 5 was made a further requirement of that confirmation.

    Then in 2007/8 the TA and Regular systems were brought closer to alignment by having a single selection board, ending probationary commissions for the TA and passing PCT off to units/Bdes. After all, RMAS doesn't train Regular Officers post commissioning. This is probably when you and your Adjutant were briefed.

    Mod 5 was still required for those who commissioned before 2008 so the RTCs continued to deliver the course for a final year. In summer 2008 it became clear that it is a requirement for promotion to Lt and, renamed PCT, RMAS took back responsibility for it.

    And that's why RTCs are still delivering PCT (AKA Mod 5) to this very day.

  12. msr

    msr LE

    Sorry, that's not a reference.

  13. you asked what my source was and i gave you it. right well i stand corrected. i had best go do mod5 then! haha
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I asked for the reference, not the source ;)
  15. So now that you've accepted the need to do it, does anyone else want to attend this course? I've got six bookings so far.

    PM me if you do and I'll send JI's via your unit.