Post code Shool of signals Blandford


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Hi guys

Can you please help I’m at Blandford tomorrow, and have lost the post code can any one help I have tracked down 2 DT11 7LL or DT11 7RU.

I been before but its less stress with Tom Tom.

Ta muchly


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Thanks Cow, it’s a long way from sunny Shrewsbury so this will help me no end


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Ta mate I’ve been a couple of times before but as I am setting out early I like auto pilot
DL9 3PS anyone????

HG3 2SE ?????

Now that IS sad.....
I served at BFPO 42,21,40,140,8 and 140 again.

Remf central.
I did 3 tours at 16, all in JHQ. Also DSCA(G) and HQ 1 Sigbde (RSSST).

And no not a handbag, although the first wifee was ;-)

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