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Post Brexit Free Trade Deal With USA.

The truth is that you are an idiot. Evidence that this forum recruits moderators from the NAAFI. Your constant stalking, flaming and off topic, personal attacks, demonstrate that you do not understand, nor apply, even handed, unbiased rules that are required. But that's ok... Reason and the critical examination of source materials are always on my side. Wait and see...
Hes probably Jewish as well.
I've no idea of who Barry Pohlman is, but he sounds like a deranged lunatic who thinks that his only hope for advancing whatever his political cause happens to be is to have it imposed on Britain by a foreign power. Are his other posts about who he thinks will be going up against the wall first when the revolution comes?

Looks like this loony lefty to me, obviously a well-travelled American citizen as travel certainly broadens the mind.
(Tongue firmly in cheek throughout)

Possibly not forthright enough!!!

You are a sad little man, cannot accept facts, live in ‘what might have been’, and are both irrelevant and a tiresome drag on the various threads you post on.

But then no worries, the Forum tolerates us both. :)