Post booze session munchies...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, May 28, 2006.

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  6. Food's for poof's,I just keep drinking!!

  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I was out last night & on the way home miss spike & I we're getting a little hungry...
    So,I opted for the mixed Kebab on Nann with salad (part of the 5 a day! :p ) & chili sauce. M.S decided (in the end after much deliberation!!) on Donner on chips with cheese!!! CHEESE on a kebeb,I ask you!!(And no crabby,it was'nt k*** cheese! :twisted: )
    So,What do you scoff after a night on the razz & does it taste nicer the next day?
  2. Chicken kebab, onions, tomatoes and some chilli sauce

    I do believe that is actually quite healthy and negates the umpteen pints that have been consumed previously.....
  3. It's got to be the Kebab. There's nothing more satisfying, than looking at your kit and seeing the kebab sauce stains all down the front. Brought about by alchohol induced mongness. :)
  4. chicken tikka kebab ty..... mit hooooohing loads a chillies and alll down me front in seconds
  5. Kebab every time.

    However, I have always find that the next day, nothing hits the spot better than sausage, egg and chips to get you going for the next session. Great memories of meeting up in the pub at lunchtime Saturday after the Friday night session, and nursing down the first beer helped with S,E and C "chaser". Then, after the sticky beer valve has been greased and freed off - you're away.
  6. Oh for crying out loud, stop the gayness in the NAAFI!!!

    why not start a thread on yoru favourite Avon product, or which celebrity would make the best Loreal model.

    A poll with food products on is a no no fella's..... This is the British Army Runour Service, not the High Wycombe towns womens guild

    Spike, go and set about the Mrs with a potato peeler and a hilti gun, then come back and tell a story, until then hammer your fingers flat and keep away from the keyboard
  7. I love kebab. In fact I love kebab, beaver, poontang, cnut, pussy, flange, minge, stench trench, p1ssflaps, mott, snatch, quimmy, blart or whatever you want to call it.

    I eat it like a pig at the trough and get fanny batter routinely smeared all over my face. I once founf a hardened lump lodged behind my ear. I also adore kebab with an arsehole chaser but I draw the line at pouring chillie sauce over it.
  8. Egg Banjo every time!!!!!! Kebabs - fcuking foreign muck....
  9. Rincewind's breakfast. Worked this morning for us lot.....
  10. guiness only food u need in a booze up

    kebab afterwards though
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Got a hangover???? Try a Kebeb! :twisted: :p
  12. Being a hungry bloke, I find that a kebab (doesn't matter what type I'm usually too wn@nkered) hits the spot, just right for the taxi queue. It's also good for bezzering points as people attempt to pinch bits.


    Being a person you lot all love (student :p ) I find that getting back to accomodation, nothing beats NACHOS!!!!

    think, crispy tortillas, spicy salsa and waaaay too much melted cheese :D !!!

    (And no, last time I checked, the missus said I wasn't gay, I didn't have the fashion sense 8) )
  13. Talking of minging kebabs with unidentified sauce all over it, did yours get pounded by an arrser last night?
  14. It's not the fashion that makes you gay, it's your penchant for cocks up the arrse.
  15. Nope, c*cks staging a rear assault is a clear indication of a raging homo :D Never quite fancied that meself. What does it feel like, D_R?

    Bad fashion sense is not so much not being in touch with your feminine side, as poking it with a bargepole :lol: