Post-Army qualifications/careers?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by drz400:), Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. I'm looking to join the forces but not sure what to do! ;)

    General ideas are Army Armourer or Paratrooper...I don't care for sarcastic comments saying which one's better or why they suck!

    I'm looking at the future aswell though, I'd like a job where I can still have a job after I leave the forces which is why Armourer seems to be a good idea but I really like the paras aswell. What qualification can they offer and what would they help towards in civvie street?
  2. napier

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    You may not care for sarcastic comments, but you are more than likely to get plenty - this is ARRSE after all
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  3. At least we have our nights entertainment sorted.
  4. I like your thinking. 24 years in the infantry and I have a BA (Hons) in leadership and management, but only because I studied for a couple of years to get it.
    My advice to anyone joining now would be that your first day in the army is your first day of resettlement.
    That may sound a bit defeatist, but what it means is that any chance you get to grab a qual - grab it. Ensure you use your SLC every year - if you do a military course and have the option to do a bit of studying to gain a civvy qual then do it.
    Also, take a look round some job sites to see what firms who employ ex-forces are looking for (probably not fixing weapons or jumping out of planes) Try Linkedin as a good place to start as there are a lot of ex-forces employers on there and you may pick up some tips.
    Good luck
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  5. I know, I know. Full of *********! Just like me :D
  6. Cheers! So, leadership skills would enable one to be a manager of a company? (Or along those lines). If I wanted to study Motorcycle mechanics while in the army could I do so? Will have a look around for a while. :D
  7. You'll get to repair lots of motorcycles in the Army. It's what they're best at. World renowned in fact.

    Especially Para Reg, they operate on BFO motorcycles, usually Kawasakis, although they have been known to use monkey bikes.

    Speak to the nice Sergeant in the ACIO, and ensure you let them know, that although you are fully committed to life in HM Forces, you will require resettlement advice before you commit. You'll 'deffo get Para Reg with that type of forward thinking.

    Once you've been loaded onto a basic course, hunt out the unit Armourer, they'll be more than happy to advise you on job prospects in Civvie Street. They'll probably even make you a brew. They love giving that sort of advice.

    Use the advice given by joelndec above, and make sure you apply for a resettlement course immediately after getting through phase one, and although there are some complicated hoops to jump through, you're onto a winner if you persevere.

    There is, as you probably know, fierce competition in the race for a place as a motorcycle mechanic, so I would suggest you attend a college course once you leave school, as this will give you that edge.

    The ultimate goal of course would be a Para Armourer Manager, with a bike fixing qualification. Tough, but I'm sure it can be achieved with some pestering on your part.

    Good luck.
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  8. I'm interested in the Look at life courses, do you think if I go with the REME one I could track down an Armourer htere and have a chat with him? Would that resettlement course be the resettlement package? Resettlement - British Army Website Wouldn't they want to give that to me near the end of my career?
  9. Is this the best Wah!!! ever or what!!
  10. Probably not, have a look around, I'm sure you'll find one!
  11. You're an admin vortex already.

    You've been given all the advice you'll ever need, on the threads where you have asked these questions.

    And for reasons I haven't yet fathomed, that information contains no pisstaking at all.

    You have got off lightly lad.