Post-Annual St Martins Plain Camp catch-up

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Hiya Guys I just thought I'd create this Topic for all the cadets and adults that where on the Wilts ACF annual camp at St Martins Plain, Folkstone.

heya guys! lol i laffed at the name of this site, n e ways, wot hav ppl got up 2????? Iv gone bk 2 the usual regime, n it feels odd cos i got so used 2 camp life lol. lol u guys seen the pic of the girls outside their billet in the gallery yet??? n e ways hope 2 c sum ppls soon

l8ers xXx Sophs
Locked because i hate chavvy text speak.

Sorry, for the illiterate chav-mongs watching

Locked innit coz I h8 chav txt spk.
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