Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by toffeeman, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Alright Lads,

    I passed Selection last week and I’m just wondering what the next stage is in terms of enlisting as it hasn't really been made clear to me. I popped into my local Careers Office Monday to speak to my Recruitment Officer but never got a chance as he was up the wall.

    Would you suggest I just go back to the Careers Office tomorrow for a word or wait for them to contact me?
  2. I personally waited a week or two then gave my recruiter a bell to see what was next and he just said come down.Its up to you,no harm in going in to get the lowdown.
  3. My recruiter told me to ring him the second i pass (if i do)
  4. I always used to get my applicants to give me a quick bell on the way back from aDSC to find out how they did and then normally phoned them the next day once the reports go on the computer system. You should of been told you have 14 days to decide if you want to do your first preference your elligable for and the PSO has advised you can do. If you do decide after a few days that its not the one you would like and want to go for a different job you passed for you need to speak to your Recruiter ASAP. Some PSO's might even of spoken to allocations whilst you were there and given you a provissional date already on some of the combat type jobs (where theres lots of places). Normally though once you have said you definately want the choice you passed for first its wait out until allocations have slotted you in for the next available place at phase one for that particular job/trade (remember if its a trade your going for it may be a longer wait as there waiting for phase 1 completion till trade training start are as close as possible).

    I know its a bit of a wait at the moment but guarantee your Recruiting staff do know what there doing and will inform you as soon as they know. I had one lad start 3 days after passing ADSC and quite a few who had to wait 8-10 months for their particular job because of the limited spaces.

    This is slightly different for Juniors who might of passed at ADSC but will not normally get loaded for AFC Harrogate or ADC Bassingbourn until closer to August and September. Those who are going for a job that require a GCSE will not know for definate until around August 25th once exam results are released.
  5. Hello iron quick question: When i start basic in bassinbourn will i train with people from my job choice or will it be a mixture eg coldstreams (me) training with artillery/enginner potential recruits? :) Thanks for any reply.
  6. Cheers Iron,

    My recruiter text me to say congrats before I had a chance to call him to be honest. I'm going in as Infantry (my only job choice) and my provisional intake date is April. I was under the impression I signed my Enlistment papers within the 14 days, is this true?

    I'll go down there today anyway (gets me out the office if anything!).

    Thanks Lads
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread, but what do I do after my LAL. Do I contact the recruiter again or wait?
  8. is that look @ life an optional thing or what???
  9. Yes you must be going junior entry as Coldstream Guards to ADC Bassingbourn I presume so will be mixed with other capbadges during your 20+ weeks before you continue your Guards training at Catterick (if my memory suits me right) Recruiters will explain this better when they give you your joining Instructions and train warrant.
  10. 5.56mm,

    There is no reason why you should contact the recruiter after your LAL, they will be informed of your progress during that week away, so no worries in that respect.


    Look at life courses are optional, so you don't have to experience one, but well worth attending as it can help you prepare for ADSC.
  11. 5.56mm, it depends what stage you’re at. Have you had your Interviews in the Career's Office etc?

    Chris, yes the Look At Life is optional however I went away with the Rifles for a week and Irish Guards for a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself on both occasions...I’d recommend you go on one. It's a good opportunity to get an idea on how you will do at ADSC as you will do a run etc.
  12. Yea I am doing one prior to my ADSC, its next week. So I'll ring the recruiters after my LAL.
  13. I have done my BARB and had my medical papers back, haven't done an interview yet, well not an official one. By the way was your LAL with the Irish Guards last weekened?
  14. Totally agree with these comments and will add firstly that you get a LAL course report sent back to the Recruiter on how you got on at the Look at life or Pre ADSC Selection course which enables the Recruiter to see if your ready to procede to the interview stage and to ADSC.
    Secondly I would reccomend that everyone went on a LAL, Insight day or pre-selection course as it enables you to adapt to teamwork and gives you a good idea of what to expect. Speak to your recruiters for more information.
  15. And one more thing, do you have to get references before you go to ADSC or do you get them after?