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Ok a thread that may have been covered, but not about Rank/Pay/Walts/etc..

I have been tasked with writing the Group(Coy) training programme for Annual Camp. I would like some advice or ideas about what can be done for post 4 Star/SCIC cadets.

We tend to use them as ADS or in the term used by a Cdt CSGT last year "Unpaid baby sitters and gophers".

This year I want to give them some thing different to do. Maybe an advanced fieldcraft/shooting/Plt Sgts type course.

Has anyone else tried something different and did it work?
There is something in the training manual Vol II about teaching senior cadets platoon in defence!

i'll have a quick look for the chapter!
it's section 5, it's a full chapter on platoon level exercises etc.

or just an idea, if they all have provisional driving licences why don't you see if you can get a driving instructor from the RLC or some such, to teach them the basics of driving out on the training area, probably some H&S reason why you can't do that, but just an idea!
We've done a driving weekend for senior cadets in HSy - they've loved it - some basics on roads and offroading in jeeps!

Our senior cadets run 'challenger company' where they take on the positions of coy commander, admin officer, training officer, CSM, platoon commanders etc for the one star platoon. Works really well.

Other go into '21 platoon' where they live out in the field doing advanced fieldcraft and provide the enemy for all the other companies during the exercise phase.
A Platoon sgt course would be good,The ADS thing seems to waste their time a bit and lots of tossing it off ensues.Alternatively getting thyem to play enemy is a good move for the rest of the company .I am more for the Platoon sgts course with various different modules for it.
Getting them to test themselves is the only way they will get anything out of camp.
When playing enemy they will tend to toss it off a bit too.

I can think of a couple of officers /instructors within the company who will be more than happy to assist outside of platoon trg. :twisted:
all of the above and what we found works well is for their day out something go karting or horse riding something different goes down well. it also depends where you are going for annual camp, we took ours over to beligum yperes
Could even run a course such as British Sports trust, Basic expedition leadership or Community sports leaders Award courses,
nationally recognised and useful in the ACF and can count for DofE Gold aswell
Thanks all. Feeling the love.

Some great ideas. Will be looking them.

Just one question about the driving, how did you do the insurance?

Platoon option looks like a go'er for the 3 Star platoon with the post 4 Star taking the senior positions, thanks Banshee.
Another good one is to have them do a vehicle radio/navigation exercise (tiger hunt). Put two or three cadets in each vehicle (minibus or whatever your normal vehicles are), with a staff driver. One vehicle is the tiger and the others the hunters. Once one of the hunters spots the tiger and follows it, the cadets pass instructions to the other hunters so they can 'zone in' on the tiger from opposite directions, thus 'trapping' it.

It can get quite frenetic as they try to pass instructions to each other over the air whilst navigating, and also trying to think ahead a few steps.

It can all be done at normal speed with no danger to anyone. In fact, its important that the drivers don't go too fast so that the skill is in mapwork and working out speed over distance etc. The drivers just do as they are told (within limits, obviously!) so the cadets do the work.

Good for comms, map reading and fun!
beckyl said:
Our senior cadets run 'challenger company' where they take on the positions of coy commander, admin officer, training officer, CSM, platoon commanders etc for the one star platoon. Works really well.
As long as they stay away from the drying room right? :twisted:
We had the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team come over this camp. They're free, and it was a good laugh. All the cadets got to drive motorcycles round a track for a while. We just had to fill in a wee permission form, so i doubt it would be too difficult to organise!

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