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This may have been done if so sorry. If the Mods remove it so be it. Will the world know in 100 years time? I refer to our two Royal Princes should we know if they share the same genetic parents. I am not suggesting Jeremy Kyle be involved. Surly in any family when the time comes imposters are usually outed. This has been the case since time began. I just have my ideas that not all our Royal Family are quite as Royal as we are led to believe. And they do get shed loads of money!!!!!!!!! 8O
Not again its getting a bit sore and the stitch marks from the constant sewing back on are beginning to show :)
100 years? I´ll be dead, so will you.

And the question is.... does it matter?

Only in the unlikely event of William NOT being crowned or giving up his position.


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Let's be realistic about this.

Look at the princes, put your thumb on the forehead of one of the pictures and HEY PRESTO, an instant Prince Edward appears.

Game over.
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