Possibly the Walt of the century

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CdtSargeWood, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. I must add this:

    (here are some of their vids: http://www.bebo.com/FlashBoxHistory.jsp)

  2. cnut would have a **** prolapse at the first incoming
  3. This really is too much! What a fcuking cnut!!
    Isn't there a law against this abuse?
  4. The Units Scared of-

    Improvised Expolsive Devices

    Fcuk me, I must be a WALT coz so am I!
  5. C0ck.

    Ban Airsoft now!
  6. Obviously a high flying bloke.

    Rather young for his title of 'Unit Commander'?! :roll:
  7. Ahh the Marine regiment, any real marine Arrsers care to leave a message?
  8. Oh Sweet Jesus! Are these people totally incapable of forming relationships with the opposite sex? What part of "Get A Life" did they miss?

    If we allow these people to spawn the human race is doomed.

    Doomed I Say! Dooooomed.


  9. I personally love the soldier soldier theme tune running in the background!

    haha, he's pissed me off now, I left him a comment telling him he was a walt, and his reply; it speaks for itself:

    My reply:
    Then he got his friends 'on me' lol
    His reply:
    My reply to first guy:
    My reply to first guy's freind:
    I'll wait and see what happens next, the story continues...
  10. Whay has this fools bebo not been destroyed yet
    get yourself a fake bebo account and mess with the fucktard
    I myself am off to start the attack.
    that chap is an unbeliveable f|_|cktard
  11. "Our team has nothing to do with the M.O.D.
    Airsoft is a sport & a hobby but its run the same as
    the British Forces and we get trained by Ex S.A.S. Troopers"