Possibly the Walt of the century

I must add this:

About The Video
The Video is aimed at giving you an idea of what the R.R.A.T.F. do when training indoors! There are other videos in the favourites that'll help you get a wider understanding in the role of the R.R.A.T.F. - Special Thanks from the troopers of R.R.A.T.F. to CQB Scotland For The Use Of There Video!
(here are some of their vids: http://www.bebo.com/FlashBoxHistory.jsp)

SAS Trained
We are trained by ex SAS soldiers from stirling services every six months - our training is due to be taken over by stirling airsoft asap

Unit Sports
Football, Rugby, Running, Kyaking, Mountain Climbing, and many more but way to many to list

The Unit's Scared Of
Improvised Exsplosive Devices (IED)

Happiest When
We get called up for Live Op's behind enemy lines backing front line Airsoft forces

Unit Commander

Email us at
This really is too much! What a fcuking cnut!!
Isn't there a law against this abuse?
The Units Scared of-

Improvised Expolsive Devices

Fcuk me, I must be a WALT coz so am I!

Ban Airsoft now!
Obviously a high flying bloke.

Rather young for his title of 'Unit Commander'?! :roll:
Matthew Rideout <army158>
hi wot regiment do u prefere marines or paras
Ahh the Marine regiment, any real marine Arrsers care to leave a message?


Oh Sweet Jesus! Are these people totally incapable of forming relationships with the opposite sex? What part of "Get A Life" did they miss?

If we allow these people to spawn the human race is doomed.

Doomed I Say! Dooooomed.


I personally love the soldier soldier theme tune running in the background!

haha, he's pissed me off now, I left him a comment telling him he was a walt, and his reply; it speaks for itself:

firstly shut the **** up you know **** all

secondly try lookin up stirling services online you'll soon find that it is the SAS who train us

so get a life ya twat and dont bother commenting on our bebo again.
My reply:
Firstly: COCK
Secondly: You call me immatur and your the one who's how old? and you run around with a toy gun...mmm...good one! :) bye sweety xxx
Then he got his friends 'on me' lol
His reply:
rite lil boy,
if at any time you wana start something with my commander you better be prepaired to start with the rest of the team with me in the front.
so bastard, wat the **** gives you any provagative to tell my commander that he aint trained by the SAS along with the team? since when do you have any knowledge on us at all?

if you decide to comment on any of our bebo's again i promise you wnt like the next comment that will be fired rite back into ure fucked up lil world. dnt be a prik and start something that u know **** all about.
My reply to first guy:
OOOH! touchy for a hardened SAS trained man arent we darling!! ...try me u fanny!...by the way, nice flash box :L xxx
My reply to first guy's freind:
OOOh, ur tuff talk is very good u kno, ur begining to convince me ur one of 'the boys from the reg. now'....haha you joke! :L xxx
I'll wait and see what happens next, the story continues...
Whay has this fools bebo not been destroyed yet
get yourself a fake bebo account and mess with the fucktard
I myself am off to start the attack.
that chap is an unbeliveable f|_|cktard
"Our team has nothing to do with the M.O.D.
Airsoft is a sport & a hobby but its run the same as
the British Forces and we get trained by Ex S.A.S. Troopers"

Go on to Matthew Rideout <army158> (some odd person who posted on his account) and see that our friend has posted the following comment
The Unit Commander <Red-Troop>
Waltenkommando! MARSCH!!

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