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Possibly the most ally/ walty advert in the history of everything ...

My view is that I don't give a monkey's chuff. If you want to buy a cack watch cos Action Man wears one then that's your look out.

Talking of adverts, anyone else notice that the voice used in the iPhone4 adverts is the same as they use on xtranormal? I keep expecting it to gleefully say "**** off Gareth you hobbyist ****."


Book Reviewer
Oh my GOD man that video is sooo obviously FAKE maaan, cos cos like, y'know, the guy map reading like points, with his FINGER not some blade of grass or twig. Y'know?

No idea why i typed it like that, for some reason i imagined some kind of upper class surfer dude saying it.

Mark The Convict

I lasted about 20 seconds before the barrage of 1-second images, jump-cut editing, abrupt refocusing and epileptic camera handling threatened to cause a seizure. If you want to advertise something, it helps if the viewer can figure out WTF it is.
In fact they are all genuine members of B Squadron 23 SAS. One of the blokes is a film maker and asked the his mates in the Squadron to help out. It was shot in Yorkshire whilst they were on an exercise doing mountain troop stuff. The camera is all wobbly because they had to shoot it when the regular DS wasn't watching. They all received a free watch and a copy of the finished DVD.

Edited to add... I forgot: the Genuine SEAL was on holiday in Blackpool and over-heard the film maker discussing the shoot in the pub. He coveted the watch so agreed to take part. He, of course, had all his kit with him because Navy SEALS are told to keep personal equipment with them at all times (even on Holiday).

The rest, as they say, is history.
Not a bad commercial. I have the Seal blackout version, wearing it as I type. What they don't tell you is that it scratches very easily, I was used to scratch proof sapphire glass and considering the price, they could have done better than a cheap mineral glass. Contrary to what Seagull says above its actually not a bad watch.

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