possibly the daftest question ever asked about infantry.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by skinnyjoe, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Have mercy on me lads but i really want to join the infantry but im currently waiting for a date for basic training with the RE, i suppose iv been steered into a non combat role by the bird and manic depressive mother (exaggeration) moaning at me (sounds pathetic i know). All i seem to get from them is how many casualties there has been recently which i could really do without but now i think its rubbed off onto me as i really want to go infantry but im really worried about something happening to me or a mate n it screws me up. My question is has anyone felt the same and would basic infantry training help knock that initial fear out of me or do i sound to soft for the job.
  2. soft. RE are front line as close support troops, who do you think blows holes into compunds for the steely eyed boys to do their job??

    Anyone can end up in the shit nowadays so i'd suggest losing that attitude
  3. Just get a grip and get on with it! You or any of your mates could get run over by a bus tomorrow. And, BTW the RE is NOT a non combat role. Check out the number of VC's won by Corps members.
  4. ye i know didn't mean it to come across like that , i agree totally but its just the mam reading the cap badge and moaning its always infantry. i ended up going for the re because they are in a combat role but it keeps the girlfriends mouth shut because they dont think that
  5. I sympathise, I do ... but fucking man up and do what you want, not what your Mum tells you to or what some random tart you won't be with in year thinks is a good idea. (Unless either of them has a career in a teeth arm under their belt.)

    Every arm and service takes casualties these days, a quick look at the papers should tell you that much. There are no safe places on the battlefield any more.

    Your life, your choice. But you knew that already didn't you.
  6. FTANG your mum with a shovel GS, and have a word with yourself.
  7. RE is not a 'safe' option by any measure. The infantry are taking the majority of casualties, but make no mistake there are lots of capbadges getting stuck in. Sappers, RMP, REME, RLC, RAMC, RAVC and everyone else will be involved in any operation.

    If you want to join the infantry, join the infantry. Do not join the RE cos you think it will be safer - it might not!
  8. I know it seems daunting but you've got to look at the bigger picture there's a whole host of things that could kill or injure you any day of the year, the only reason you're more worried about being KIA is because of the constant media attention driving it into your subconcsious. As harsh as this may sound as i have nothing but respect for those injured or fallen in combat, the reality is there are around 180-190 hostile deaths in 8 years of war. Like i said, i believe 1 life is too much but this is not an extreme number by any sense no matter what the papers want you to believe. If you're drawn to the infantry then go infantry.
  9. Only certain RE are attached to infantry. Nearly all infantry engage with the enemy except the REMF's. Don't try and come across that All RE are front line troops because it makes you look stupid to those who know better. :wink:

    Considering all troops are on the front line these days (apparently) It's funny how over 80% of casualties and deaths are from the infantry. Our drills must be shite compared to support arms! :)
  10. You need to remember that it's your life and your career. Tell your mum this and if needs be that she should back off and let you live your own life. It may cause some short-term bad feeling but she's your mum and will get over it.

    I remember how liberating it was to tell my old dear that I was signing up against her wishes. She didn't speak to me for nearly a year, but I'll always remember the first words afterwards: "Please don't hurt me, I'll do anything". At least I think that was it, the balaclava made hearing a bit difficult and I was busy at the time.

  11. Mate- The days of having a 'front line' as you know it are well and truely gone. Its a 360 degree battle therefore anyone out on the ground has the chance to get wacked. Where im posted i see casulties from Afghan all the time, as it stands infantry make up around 55% then all other arms-RE, RAC, RA, RSIG's, RAMC.

    RE attached to Inf Patrols get there hands dirty just as much therefore are just as much at risk.
  12. Fucking bollocks. 147 out of the 220 troops killed in theatre have been from an infantry battalion. Bit more than your 55%.

    3 Royal Engineers have died in Afghanistan out of the 220.
  13. Perhaps you would be more suited to the RAF?
  14. The RAF have lost a damn sight more blokes than the RE so he'd be safer in the RE.
  15. Im not arguing with the amount killed- its the guys that are injuried, that i see every day. Edited to add- i guess from looking at my post i should of said injuried. Fair one.