Possibly the biggest and scariest bunch of walts in britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Machristo, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. http://www.project-x.org.uk/projectxcentralmain.html

    look around (check the 'history' page first). see if you're as disturbed as i am.

    seriously worrying walts, and what the fcuk is going on with that 'combat-ready' lanny? ('latest kit'> 'land rover')

    scary walts, or devout fanatics?
  2. um... wtf? Was that a real GPMG? The scout car looked pants but that landy could make a mess of kingston town centre! (Not that i'd mind!)
    And the bunkers...Do they know somthing we don't? It all looks a bit "special" to The Cheat...
  3. What the fcuk was it all about?
  4. more to the point, whats the deal with that M134?!?!
  5. and has any1 seen the research section yet? fuel cells, rail guns, antigravity, a future predicting computer, car controlling GPS.....
  6. In case the UK gets over-run?? It's probably been said befor but I can't see there much chance of that happening!
    And have you had a look around and seen all the weird codes and computer sh*t they're getting up to?
    Or their gravity research? Its a little bit w@nk...For all their internet know-how they don't seem to have a physics a-level between them...

    T C
  7. F*ck the Landy,behind it there´s a submarine!!!!!!

    There was a secret Army during WW2,that´s fact,with ammo dumps,spread all over the place.This looks like a follow up group of walts,as there´s quite a few ,What ifs?

    If this was really a Secret Group,then I really don´t think they´d be so stupid as to spread it over the net.

    Probably a bunch of TA trying to sell their stuff,the L/Rover and a house are for sale,the GPMG´s are not!

    Maybe they´re baiting Arrse!

    Midnight..............F*ck `em,I´m off to bed! :p

  8. I read about,electro-magnetic guns,about 17 years ago in a US Army magazine.The velocity of 10,000mtrs a second is right,the only problem was, that you needed the energy to power a small town,to fire just one shot.Maybe they´re gonna tow an atomic power station behind them!Hand held,not in this lifetime.

    The rest of the stuff,GPS cars etc.is old hat;They must be watching re-runs of`Tomorrows World`! :twisted:
  9. I wonder if they'l give me cabby in their sub?
  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I find this very, very distrubing.

    Do these people need locking up in padded cells? What the fcuk is all that about, if the UK ever gets invaded again? Is this the militant wing of the BNP or something?

    Let's ask them over for an inoculation jab and fill the syringe with cyanide.
  11. Check out the debrief point on their "Rocket test #2" - "Someone forgot the sandwiches".

    Be afraid, be very afraid.
  12. The white text on a white background on their home page:

    Harmless walts having fun I reckon. ALthough they do seem a bit up their own arrse with how good they reckon their web-site is 8O
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    OK, I take back the BNP comment, but rest still stands.
  14. Their personnel page is accurate as at 31 09 2005
  15. or it could just eb a bunch of school boys messing about setting up a fantasty world army on a website etc

    im p1ssing myself laughing at some of scientific stuff they are getting up to , they would cost serious money , which makes it sound like a schoolboy project.