Possibly more than 200 al-Qaida-trained terrorists in UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Good to see SOME info to backup the new terror Laws but...

    If they (whoever they are) know there are 200, well the don't do they Sir John Stevens said there might be .

    If 'they' do know why don't 'they' arrest them the under the new anti-terrorist laws and get them off the streets. I mean , its not like in the old days when we knew who the Players were in N.I but waited for Int or actual proof of a terror attack/ongoing/just prior to taking action.

    Arrest the 200 and kill their cells dead or is that not good news as then how can the government carry on scaring the population before the election?
  2. Nice to see Sir John Stevens coming forward to confirm what the Government has warned us of all this time.

    Is he writing with his left hand yet? :roll:
  3. Never happen, Blair wants and needs the Muslim vote.
  4. This is scaremongering nonsense, and an attempt to generate panic.

    There are bad people out there; there always have been, whether IRA terrorists planting bombs, Libyan terrorists shooting policewomen, Iranina terrorists holding hostages or unknown terrorists (a Libyan is in prison but it was probably an Iranian atrocity) blowing up a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie.

    It is wrong to say that Al Qaeda represent a new threat that could destroy our way of life. David Davis said on Question Time that Hitler may have destroyed our way of life, but that terrorism could not - at last someone speaks the truth!

    Chemical and biological weaponry are unpleasant but are not weapons of mass destruction. The only WMD is a nuclear bomb with a delivery mechanism, whether the Enola Gay or a ICBM. WMDs have only ever been used twice in anger - by the USA - and we sat for over three decades with missiles pointing east and west, ready to use. Chemical and biological weapons are extremely unpredictable, volatile and very difficult to deploy.

    The reason we are being fed this nonsense is to allow the passing of terrorism laws that, it is claimed, will only be used against Al Qaeda type terrorists. This is a lie - watch as they are used to arbritrarily detain G8 protestors, foxhunters and anyone else seen as a threat to this Nazi-style government. And imagine getting on the wrong side of the law through a computer error, as happened to the Brit wanted by the FBI a couple of years ago. The system never believes it is wrong! Welcome to Kafka's world!

    There is a threat out there, but it is one that should be dealt with proportionately using existing laws based on ancient and fundamental freedoms.
  5. 200 men already partly trained in insurgent tactics? Hmm, I sense a recruiting drive for a reconstituted 3RRF - Royal Regiment of Fanatics (Queens Own Fatwah). That'll bump up the ethnic recruiting averages! You wouldn't have to worry about weapons uniforms AFVs etc, just a selection of Clarks' finest exploding Boots Combat Martyrdom. :D
  6. As the bint from Liberty said today, John Stevens is not only a former policeman, he is now a News of the World columnist.

    His comments sells papers, he earns his money and in doing so conveniently covers his Arrse for when the cloud goes mushroom.
  7. [​IMG]

    Says it all, really! :twisted:
  8. Not that I'd support the current shower, but i suppose some people will not be satisfied until there is a terrorist incident in the UK. When that happens, it'll be the good old 'blame culture' rather than 'lets deal with the problem now.'

    He's an ex-Met Commissioner, not a bobby on the street. He's seen the paperwork and what is alleged. If he says he has genuine concerns, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.
  9. What is the current membership of the IRA?

    What is the current membership of CIRA and RIRA?

    This is scaremongering. It's like 25 years of terrorist atrocities never happened in this country.

    How dare Sir John say “The main opposition to the bill is from people who simply haven’t understood the true horror of the terrorism we face."

    I'm sure there are members of the Conservative Party that haven't forgot having a hotel blown out from under them. I am bloody sure there are people on this forum that know what the aftermath of a terrorist attack looks like , I am one of them.

    What absolutel fatuous , patronising b ollocks. I don't know what target audience you were aiming your comments at Sir John. Possibly there are people in Manchester, Birmingham,Belfast, London, Guildford, Warrington, Caterham, Derby etc , who have never heard of a terrorist attack?

    Sir John, you were not a supporter of this bill in the form proposed some weeks ago when you spoke on Question Time. What has changed since?

    Needless to say , I'll be watching any public appointments you gain after the next election with interest.

    I am absolutey sick to my stomach, of the way this Government seeks to railroad public opinion in the direction it wants. As soon as this news broke , the b astard rottweiler Reid, was straight on the Telly saying "No more concessions"

    But they get away with it, because the bloody public are more concerned with Football , Corrie and Eastenders, than they are with the world without.

    Have we really become so apathetic and brainwashed, that we even forget our recent history?

    The statement was an absolute gift to Blair and Clarke. By a columnist working for a Murdoch rag.

    "The information I have seen" Really Sir John? If data is tortured long enough etc etc .

    The security services say "Of course there will always be a threat, but where did these figures come from"?

    Yes the security services always want more money and manpower. But they don't see the point of scaring the population into the bargain.

    Is this what a Reichstag fire in the 21st Century looks like then?
  10. It won't even be the Old Bill - subject to some form of control outwith the Home Office - policing these orders. It will be some "private" organisation - Crapita, Shithexo, Securicrap or whatever.

    Why doesn't Bliar go all the way and set up his own force, with brown shirts.... He could even stick a twisted megalomaniac in charge of it - Blunkett as Himmler?

    From the Guardian

  11. He's an ex-Met Commissioner that deliberately failed to take action on endemic corruption within his force. He is as politically aware and any of the shower within No 10. Perhaps he senses a new job in the offing!
  12. Agreed, he's a politician and there may be another job in the offing, as PTP says. I suppose all Police are corrupt :roll:

    Personally, I think he's apolitical as his response about homeowners being able to use excessive force wasn't appreciated by the Govt.