Possibly daft question about recruitment process

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DH24, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Right, having had one too many things nark me off in work [I work part time in retail, would have hoped I'd have moved onto a 'proper' job since graduating] I've decided on Monday that I'm going down to my local AFCO and I want to join the army [Ammo Tech, E-War SysOp and UAV Gunner being my interests]. However, while I can meet ADSC requirements for sit ups/press ups through 'gutting' them out...the gut is also a problem and my 1.5mi run time is unsuitably close to 14min. I have recently started going to the gym 4-5 times a week to correct this, on off days I take a run through the local part.

    What I want know is, are you asked/can you provide a date after which you will be available to commence Phase 1? Bar 30lbs there is nothing medically detrimental to my joining based on the info in the medical sticky and the only time I've had to see the doctors recent was over a sport related knee injury.

    I understand that for certain trades you may have a longer wait than others but I was wondering if I would be taking the mick in saying on Monday

    I want to join the army as a 'trade', can we fill in the forms, and space my return dates for BARB/Interviews in such a way that I can work my arrse off so come the time the decision is being made to send me to ADSC there is little to no question I am good to go?
  2. It will take a few months at least from filling in application forms to getting to ADSC, plenty of time to get in shape.
  3. if you want to join mate i would get your arse down there asap.you wil be lucky to do selection and in at least 12 months.there is a massive waiting list.i have been waiting since november and still no news on dates.it's a right pain in the arse. :(
  4. thats what ive done, I still need to lose a little weight, but Ive done the BARB and app forms and Ive done my audition so I have a place for phase two training, so now when i lose the weight I can walk into the office and the sargeant will put me str8 into the next pre adsc and so on and so forth... plus I'm quite lucky that im going for an under manned trade aka musician

    but good luck and its easier to start it all now plus theyl be able to get you fit for selection if they knw youre interested :)
  5. Dont use treddmils when your running mate, get out side and do it. Make sure you have some up hills in your route. Go on long and slow runs, also do some sprint training and some hill sprints, will do you wonders in getting your time down ( it has for me) And say once a week, do a timed best effort 1.5 mile run. Do 3-5 miles when running normaly aswell mate, Im sure there will be people on here with a better knowledge than me on this.
  6. the words nail on head apply to bev's post, exactly what i did and i got a 9.45 run time :) not the best but well within the limit :D