Possibly a Walt in the family.. what do I do !!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ExScaleyBleep, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Right, no names, no locations or indicators to say who I, or my relative is okay ?

    Its like this:-

    Whilst chatting with my brother (totally non-forces) he told me that he'd popped round to our cousins house to sort out his pc. Whilst there the aforementioned cousin got chatting and for some reason he declared that he had 2 "pistols" in a box (sort unknown) upstairs and that they were for use when an emergency is declared at a major UK airport near to us as he is part of a "fast response unit". Now bearing in mind that he's ex-regs (served in the Falklands and got out soon thereafter) and now a TA Major (I think?) several questions beg to be answered:-

    1) why would the pistols be issued to him and why 2 ?
    2) why would he be part of a fast response unit when the airport has armed cops there anyway and he's only TA ?
    3)Surely if something happened then "THEM" would be called....

    So, basically, if this is walting, and admittedly it looks like it could very well be, what do I do about it and how do I tell the family ?
  2. Don't tell the family, do a sneaky beaky and CTR the weapons. Or you could just ask him about it.

    Probably a walt though.
  3. I'd be a tadge worried about the 2 totally illegal pistols (if they actually exist that is)
  4. Good God man have you not seen ANY John Woo movies! All and I mean ALL hero's are required to use two pistols and jump about in slllooooooooowwwwww motion will taking out the bad guys in a hail of lead.
  5. He's a feckin Walter!

  6. Over-egging the CCRF pudding?
    But shhh, I've said too much, I think I'd better pop and get one of MY twin, issued pistols and administer myself a dose of 9mm...
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Any chance you can have a butcher's at these weapons? If they are real, I'd call plod asap if I were you. Sod the consequences, he shouldn't bloody have them.

    On the other hand, if he is being simply a tube, what do you stand to gain from telling his family that he's a walt? Bugger all I'm guessing. Might as well let him get on with it, he'll soon get found out anyway.
  8. Anonymous call to the cops anyway... If they're real, he needs locking up. If they're not, then he'll probably die of shame.
  9. I know thats whats been troubling me.. hes youre average run of the mill bloke and not known to have psychotic tendencies, but hey, who knows.. and yeah he did mention that they were issued to him - one I can live with but 2 ? Hmmm.. very bizarre..

    Personally I think that theyre either blank firers or airsoft copy type things from Airfix !

    Either way Im home after Xmas so I may pop round and have a chat....
  10. Why don't you just keep your nose out. He's Ex Regs and a TA Major he's not a walt.
  11. Yeah lets screw up someones life based on complete hearsay :roll:
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    So is this a blood relative or one of those strange ones you can blame on the wife's odd family tree?
  13. Maybe he is THEM ;)
  14. I'm outraged! He never got the jobbies from me!

    Besacally, I'd rock up, tell him to give us a dekko at the pistols and find out wtf his on!

    If his gen, I see a new opening for getting hands on shiny kit, if not, I see free beer for the rest of my life and the odd bunk up with his Mrs - win win situation all round!
  15. Not Argentinian army issue .45 Colt 1911 by any chance?

    I would tread very carefully on this one. If he has got buckshee weapons you need to talk very quietly to him and get him to lose them in deep water one part at a time. If he won't - call the police.

    There is nothing wrong with having the odd disposable firearm stashed away as long as you are a sensible chap. But by talking and walting about it he clearly isn't sensible.

    I think you can dismiss the fairy tale about being part of a dedicated QRF out of hand.