Possible walt?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by zebbedee, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. Hello all, I appreciate that I'm new to this forum and that I my forces experience is limited(having only done a few weeks in the RN before being medically discharged) but I have a dilemma and I thought that I might get the answer here. basically I'm reviewing some CV's at work and on one it says that the person was in the TA from 1984 to 1987 and that they was in the "3rd Army of the 2nd Royal Anglian Corp". Now I've never heard of this and it has started alarm bells ringing - it also states that he used to go on "manoeuvres". I could be doing this guy a disservice, but it just doesnt ring true to me. What does every body else think?
  2. is this a wind up?

    If not, you're alarm bells are well justified. There was a 3rd battalion Royal Anglian Regiment (once).

    Anyone actually joining one of the RAnglian battalions would have known what he had joined.
  3. Of course he's a walt, he used to be in the TA.
  4. Marginal to say the least. Two possible diagnoses: 1. Complete Walt. 2..Not Walt, but not too bright. Dates suggest he would be 40-50ish now. You weren’t thinking of offering anything demanding responsibility, integrity and honesty were you?
  5. It was twenty years ago, and he was only in for a couple of years as a lowly recuruit/Tom, so he could have got his facts mixed up...

    Using the term "manoevers" is not too sinister, however most UK soldiers would refer to this as going on "exercise", though this may be an attempt at civilianising the expression.

    There is no such thing however as the "3rd Army of the 2nd Royal Anglian Corp" this is just a meaningless jumble of terms. 2 Royal Anglian (is/was) a regular Infantry Battalion. I think there used to be a TA 4 or 5 R Anglian at one time.

    If the guy has actually written down this stuff in a CV then I would be more suspicious and ask for more details e.g. which TA centre did they attend and why they left, If only to test the trustworthyness of the applicant.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Let's face it, if he can't even remember the proper title of his unit, I bet he can't even give a service number that isn't something you can dial to get a husky voiced bint who's pretending to have sex with you.

    Outed - the bloke is a walt.
  7. I resent that statement.

    I'm still in - and I'm already a complete Walt .
  8. Thanks all, I feel vindicated in placing his CV in the bin.
  9. Thanks all, I feel vindicated in placing his CV in the bin.
  10. and there still is a 3rd battalion
  11. there was once a regular 3rd battalion too...
  12. The 3rd Bn Royal Anglian is now the TA Bn of the Royal Anglian's.
  13. either he's a walt or you cant fu@king read
  14. I joined in 1981 and alot of the old and bold used to call in the field training "manouvres" so he may be correct there.