Possible Walt

Is the 'Possible Walt' the villain of the piece or is it @Jamesy?

To save me reading the last few dozen posts, would somebody care to summarise it in one or two words please.
Walt hunter whining. It's three but I will throw the third in free
Thank you. @Jamesy should simply call his 'possible walt' out. A Well publicised bout of fisticuffs in Albert Square (Manchester) should see honour restored to the aggrieved party.

Get to Jamesy, you whining cunt. Give the good doctor the opportunity to have his say as it were...
oh no, I always take it up the Gary for him, and his friends, and the Blues & Royals and 3 Para Mortars.......

Photos or it didn't happen anyone? x
Narrator: clicking links from unknown sources during a conversation about bumming is not a good idea.
You bad, bad men.
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