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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Intsmurf, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Chaps,

    I have come across an individual who I fear may be walting it big style, but I thought it best to check with you first as I could be completely wrong. It's just that I've never heard of what he claims he was - effectively a flying doctor. Said individual qualified as a GP in the early 80s, and joined the RAMC. He then claims to have spent the next 18 years in "Aviation Medicine", and that the AAC trained him to fly helicopters. He's putting it about that he would fly himself into places, fix people up, and then fly out again.

    Is this a role I've just not heard of or is he full of sh!t?
  2. Does he have corks hanging from the brim of his hat?
  3. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Sounds about right, had one on my course and there are still loads about.

    Better to have a Doc Pilot as Av med specialist than a shiney!

    Pm me his name if you like
  4. Its probably all true up until the "Flying Doc" bit - most avaition medicine guys are so out of touch with general medicine that you would'nt trust them to put a plaster on. They do qualify as pilots but I don't think they do much flying - its a nice badge to wear on your SD though. PM me with the guys name and I'll fill in the blanks.
  5. Oh, dear, Int.............you have your own, very personal walt.

    From the BMA website '................Aviation medicine (AM) is a branch of occupational medicine, and is the medical specialty concerned with the interaction between the aviation environment and human physiology, psychology and pathology.............'

    Roughly translated as the effect of plonking your frame onto/into £20m-plus of fast jet, taking it for a spin and than being subjected to some high-priced help telling you that it is perfectly normal to spit your ring for 24 hours AND talk perfect Pitmans shorthand.......................
  6. Unless things have changed dramatically over the last 15 years the Aviation Specialist is an ordinary doctor who is RAMC. The doctor is expected to gain his pilots wings at the AACC by completing the same course as all other pilots. He does this to gain practical experience in the field of aviation medicine. I have never seen an active, front line "flying doctor". The only flying I have ever seen an aviation specialist do in the AAC is to maintain flying currency.

    As far as flying himself/herself to treat patients??.........extremely unlikely, but not beyond the realms of possibility.

    In my humble opinion................a total waste of flying pay!!!
  7. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    I was on a sqn that had an Avn Med spec as a Line Pilot, I think it was the norm to do one flying tour before concentrating on chatting up the nurses with the PBLS.
  8. There are still SAMs (Specialist Aviation Medicine) flying and going through Pilots courses.

    The way it works is as follows;

    Capt RAMC elects to go SAM.
    Usually spends a period of time at Middle Wallop as the Doc in Med Cen.
    Completes Army flying course and is awarded Army Flying Badge (Pilots wings). Converts to Gazelle (usually)
    Does a tour on a Sqn as a line pilot to gain experience.
    On completion of flying tour (usually a Maj by this stage) posted to an AAC Regt as the SAM (although, quite a few Regts do not have a dedicated SAM these days).
    To get the gen on his med progression, youll need to speak to the scab lifters on this board. He will at some stage have completed his Avn med training

    All gen up and quite possible. SAMs with the Army are slightly different from other services in that they are qualified pilots. One of the reasons for this is to allow them to conduct 4 yearly disorientation training on aircrew. They fly as the Aircraft commander and give a practical demonstration on how easy it is to become disorientated if you only rely on 'seat of the pants' or your brains judgment when in cloud.
    So, it is possible this chap is for real. As others have said, PM me his name and I'll check him out.
  9. Yep, to Flash's post. I got to know 5 over the years, in the course of bluffing my way thru annual aircrew medicals. All good hands, and none too common, so it shouldn't be beyond our combined wit to clear this up. If Flash can't ident your man PM me too, initials should suffice. If it transpires that your man is genuine, I probably owe him a crate.
  10. I am professionally close to the head SAM at MW. SAMs are a very small community, give me a name and I will make a check him out. As has been said, all seems quite plausible up to the point of flying to treat patients. One off occasion when on exercise/det whilst on his one flying tour perhaps but not by convention.
  11. Thanks all. Glad I checked that such a creature exists before making a complete tool of myself - although it does seem that the individual concerned is a humungous story-teller. He now works with a team of very attractive nurses, and is clearly trying to impress them with his tales of derring-do. This is an individual who repeatedly makes comments like, "And of course, we always flew under the pylons rather than over them." I've known a number of cracking AAC pilots and none of them ever talked like that. He has also, just this afternoon, come out with this: "Yeah, and in the army there's this thing called radio silence, and I was once on a mission, and this guy came up on the net to ask if there were any happy teddy bears out there...." Yawn. Seems like a bit of a throbber, although I no longer doubt his professional credentials. Hats off to anyone who qualifies as a doctor and as a helicopter pilot, neither of which I have either attempted or achieved. Just wish he'd stop pretending to be Jimmy Bond, that's all.
  12. Well, we did, didn't we?

  13. Cloudbuster, you and I certainly did!!!!!!!!
  14. [​IMG]

    CONNEACH and cloudbuster going under wires..... :roll:
  15. Must be false, you couldn't pull a collective back far enough to get cloubuster off the deck in a skeeter :D