possible walt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chris_2oo6, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. can anyone in the know check this service number for me??


    should come back as jack t****

    reckons hes with the pwrr in woolwich and is a full screw?! haha.. with a service no. like that can anyone confirm his details and pm me them? :D
  2. also to add, not a re enlister hes about 21...
  3. Quite possible he is a full screw, it's a JPA number which has been around for a few years.

    You might want to delete the Regt number though, per sec and all that.
  4. we've got sprogs in our place 3011 and theyve only been in about 12 months

    no way hes a screw with a number like that...
  5. There are full screws around with 3011, but I doubt many, if any in the infantry.
  6. Theres 300(spartan) numbers in our place a lot lower than that and they've been out of trade training(REME) about 4 months
  7. I know.

    We are legion. And we are watching (still)
  8. Heh,heh...
  9. Its important because ??...............
  10. He promised the OP he would call him to arrange another date.OP is still waiting.
  11. My service no is 301 I joined the OTC back in Sept 09 as did a mate...we just kept it when we transferred out
    Could be a TA thing...
  12. 3011? 3011? Bloody hell, mine starts 2302... Does that make me old?
  13. Mine is 2420 and I only enlisted on the 1st January

  14. Nope, your DOB makes you old ;)