Possible "Walt"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mullen18, Dec 25, 2010.

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  1. Hello All!

    Spotted this fellow on Facebook. I had written to The Royal British Legion Medal Consultant, who thinks it likely that he is not genuine. If your saw the plaudits he was getting it pissed me off no end. My Grandfather was in the RA for 22yrs and had five medals. My two Great Uncles were both KIA ('42 & '44) whilst serving for the RAF. I am in the process of claiming their medals.

    His name is shown as George Challette aged 85.
  2. For fucks sake. The Singapore thing just ended, leave the dopey old bugger alone

    Merry Christmas by the way season of goodwill, peace on earth.

    Hmmm Christmas morning I know what i will do, see if I can make some old blokes life a fucking misery.

    Turn the telly on watch Bridge over the River Kwai and calm the fuck down.

  3. What he said, I'm sure it will keep.

    Merry Christmas
  4. Wise words from the Hoffmeister.
  5. Definitely an important target. You must get on this ASAP.
  6. Oh dear god get a fucking life Mullen you boring twat the bloke is 85.
  7. Age doesn't concern me TBH. I wouldn't give any more sympathy to an 85 year old paedofile as I would to a 35 year old paedofile. A walt is a walt at the end of the day though not that I give one iota of flying fuck in this case or in many cases. Who cares unless they're bullshiting to your face down the local.
  8. and even then frankly, however at least if you're face to face you can get the old bore to buy a couple of rounds before you stick his 'black catting' head into the urinal. At 85 years of age the twat's unlikely to put up much of a fight.
  9. You can't be too sure with these 85 year old walts. Best to stick the nut on him ASAP! :-D
  10. True, the age thing. my 9 year old son just got to 6th ranking on black ops. At his first go. He got a bronze trophy for killing some nazi zombies.Who would've believed it? p.s please don't tell the authorities that he is playing an 18 cert game when he's only 9. I love him dearly and social services might take him away.
  11. You have completely and utterly shot yourself in the foot. It's all very well coming on here with your boasts of your son's so called expertise - however you didn't reckon on an arrser who has actually really been there and done that...for real.

    I'm afraid you've come unstuck my old son. You see Black Ops is set in in the 60's - too late for Nazis - zombies or not.

    You sir, are a contemptible shootemup walt....
  12. I'm afraid it is you, sir, who has been caught in the walt trap. You gave it a good go convincing us all that you were a Black Ops ninja, but you failed at the final hurdle.

  13. Now look here lads, I never said I'd ever played Black Ops and even if I did suggest it, ha ha! I er.. fooled you all it was a Wah and in any case I take it all back and will publicly apologize to Marco's whole family and make a large donation to H4H.
    I never ever said on CNN that I'd even heard of Black Ops. It's those bloody publicists of mine I told them not to play up my 'membership'.

    ...I forgot about the zombie option.
  14. Mwaaaaaaaaahahahahah!! I thangyewe sir! Made oi larf!!

    The last time I played a computer game it was called Space Invaders in the cafe at Deepcut. I was shite then, and shite now. My 9 year old smashes me all over the place.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You do know computer games are made up and not real?

    And you sir are a civvy.

    OK off for some more Christmas Pud.