Possible Walt spotted at 60 degrees north!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by grumpy5255, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. This fellow was seen recently leading the Pipe Band at a parade in Lerwick.
    Can readers spot any errors in his parade attire, considering that (allegedly) his regular military service was in the RAF, and he was in the TA.

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  2. Do I have to use my fucking imagination??
  3. Christ on a bike! Fire up the unicycle! Burn him I say, burn him! An ex military man wearing his old military uniform, what has the world come to.
  4. That's an impressive rack! Is that a US Jump badge above his gongs? And the Regiment badge on his right arm.

    He could have fucking shaved.
  5. I'll fire up the give a fuck car. Oh wait...

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  6. Homeless walt?
  7. Shaving is so last year.
  8. Is that a tattoo on his shin? Phew, bet that stung a bit.
  9. isnt the yellow thing in the wrong place, the badges dont look right, the ribbons would apear to be in the wrong order and the wrong size to be worn on a uniform(maybe its just me having a bad eyesight day)

    and unless he is in the middle of some thing his stick is in the wrong hand (that one is more contextual since a static picture doesnt reflect what is /was happening at the time)

    since you dont mention what TA he was in there no way of knowing if he just pulled an argyles uniform off the shelf in the local surplaus store or he actually has a right to wear it somehow
  10. "Can readers spot any errors in his parade attire?"

    Is it the fact he's wearing a skirt??
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  11. He's got no trousers on!
  12. More to the point what are the crowd wearing top left........ pink shoes, yellow socks and red trousers......is Peter Dow there????
  13. Dunno - Wearing minatures whilst not in Mess Dress? SAS/PJI wings? Did you ask him about his service? Does it matter?
  14. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Why does someone with just 13 posts care about this? Personal vendetta against the chap in question?
  15. does post count mean anything if your outraged by some pretender ? i mean seriously other than being able to stroke your e-peen over how long/active /manytimes you spam a forum what fucking differenace does post count make ?

    *yes this was meant to be a flame