Possible walt sighted

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by joey_deacons_lad, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Whilst in London for Remembrancetide I saw an American Airman at a cafe near the Embassy and something just didnt look right but I didnt grip him and gave him the benefit of the doubt due to respecting the day. I got a picture do you think he might be walting it?
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  2. Impressive GIMP skils...
  3. You're a photoshop walt
  4. He looks proper sad.Had you just told him you were breaking up with him?
  5. "And he wiped it on the curtains..."
  6. He's even got 'the stare' man.
  7. No there all gen up medals...he has his 50m swim, crossing the Atlantic, passing his run and eating XL McDonald medals so all above board....fuck having to get another medal like the bummed in prison award as it will cost a fortune to get them all mounted again.
  8. Is that the test card on his left breast.
  9. There's definitely something a bit 'serial killer' about him

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  10. Infact that doesnt even look like a cafe!

    Greasy Spoon Walt!!

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  11. You cynical lot! But what done it for me was his combat infantrymans badge mounted slightly incorrect
  12. He off to a party hosted by Elton John?
  13. I thought Ant and Dec were in the jungle this week!
  14. All he needs is a funny hat and a tash to look like Gadaffi.He's got a good start by havin gadaffi's jacket.
  15. Lying lying Walter. He's wearing the QDJM ribbon. It's not even out yet. Busted