Possible Walt? One for our American friends on here.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by gallowglass, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. I happened upon the article below recently. Now usually, I would have no time for The Phoenix - an Irish equivalent of Private Eye if you will - but certain things caught my attention. Perhaps some of our American posters may be able to throw some light on the apparently impressive claims being made; it strikes me that, if true, they shouldn't be highlighted in this manner. Apart from that, there is the question of accuracy...I have highlighted the area of particular interest to ARRSErs and included a number of relevant links at the bottom.

    (Note: the 'Goldhawk' mentioned in the article is a smart-alecky column in the magazine)


    The Phoenix, April 20th - May 3rd 2007

    Is there no end to Pat Austin's talents? His latest wheeze is a contract to advise on, wait for it, "the US Homeland Defence and Security Sector".

    It will be recalled that Pat has been keeping his head down here in recent times and even his colleagues were unable to help Goldhawk when some enlightenment was sought on Pat's decision to step down from the board of Blackrock Publishing (see The Phoenix 9/3/07). Certainly, there is no sign of his Montaigne Investments at the "elegant offices" on Merrion Square and his growing list of creditors are in the dark as to his whereabouts. He has been spotted in Malta and the UK in recent times, although even down in Malta, where Montaigne has a presence, things have not been going smoothly.

    It looks like Pat has had a falling out with his landlords and, according to the Civil Court judgments listed last month by the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs in Valetta, Montaigne Investments (Malta) Ltd was the defendant in a case instigated by Business Tower Ltd over a paltry sum of Lm12,049 (€28,000). The 13th floor of The Business Tower in Portmaso, St Julian's, is the business address given for Montaigne's Maltase operation - one of the swankiest addresses on the whole island, of course.

    Meanwhile back in the UK, Pat has now teamed up with John French's AIM-listed company Croma Group plc, which describes itself as a "Surveillance Security and Homeland Defence specialist". Based in Hereford, the group focuses on "the design, development and marketing of surveillance equipment for civil, military and government agency applications". According to its own blurb, Croma manufactures assorted products, including Zeus - "a remote light source for urban warfare" and the TDI range of "superior arms accessories for use by elite army units and special law enforcement agencies".

    Of more interest to Goldhawk, however, is the press release issued last month announcing the appointment of Montaigne Investment Corporation as Croma's North American business development advisor, "with a brief to identify and develop complementary relationships within the US Homeland Defence and Security Sector". According to the press release, Montaigne advises North American companies that are expanding into Europe "with a particular emphasis on Homeland Defence and Security Sectors".

    This is a speciality not previously highlighted in the glossy Montaigne Investment Corp brochures seen by Goldhawk but Pat Austin has never been slow to highlight his own military background. In an extensive interview with the Malta Financial & Business Times, for example, he boasted of his "active duty in the US Army, the Secret Service and public relations". The article noted that Pat "served in the Gulf War, in the Desert Storm campaign in Iraq in 1989, as a military intelligence officer for two years... He worked for the Secret Service and was based in its New York headquarters in the World Trade Centre, working with the FBI alongside ex-CIA director, William Casey, and former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell". Wow!

    No wonder Croma Group's executive chairman, John French, was so impressed. He told Goldhawk that he had known Montaigne and Pat Austin "for a while" and had signed Montaigne up because the company has contacts in North America. It is reassuring to know that US Homeland Security will in future be dealing with an operator of the calibre of Pat Austin. At last, the security of the United States is in good hands.

    Other links of interest are below, which show pictures of Austin:




    *Edited for crap spelling and formatting problems (again) :x
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  2. He certainly sounds suspect to me. He claims to have gained the title of "Criminal Investigator In Homeland Security And Anti-Terrorism" sometime prior to 1990. Surely the term "Homeland Security" wasn't even coined until 2002 and presumably his title would just be "Special Agent"
    Also, typically for a walt, the dates dont seem to add up. He looks 40ish to me, but he claims to have graduated university, commissioned into the US Army, gained his SF qualifications and served with the Secret Service, all prior to being recalled to his unit in 1990.
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  3. He was in Iraq a bit early for Desert Storm as well was'nt he?

    Cetainly ticks the right boxes for a big timing walt anyhoo.
  4. Dates are all wrong but even assuming he went to Iraq in *cough 1989 cough* and served 2years.How could he then have been working as PR in civvy street in 1990.Methinks the contenders for Walt2007 should include this one. However hell mend those employing him for not noticing the glaring errors in his resume.
  5. This fellow is most certainly a poser (our name in the States for wannabe/never beens who sling bullshit) and since he delightfully provided sordid details of his fictional past for the press he is very much a target for a nice law our Congress passed last year called the Stolen Valor Act which makes it a federal offence to fraudulently claim military service/and or medals. The folks who investigate this sort of thing in the FBI might be interested so I forwarded the information and links to them.

    Kinda funny how many assclowns of this sort have been sweating bullets when they discover there now are reprecussions (aside from the humiliation and possibly getting your butt stomped) of the legal sort for slinging their bullshift.
  6. He seems to be an all round chancer, cheat and fraudster.

    Montaigne staff unpaid since November

    Sunday, January 22, 2006 - By Ed Micheau
    Staff at the Dublin-based Montaigne Investment Corporation have not been paid since November 20, following a dispute between executives at the company.

    It follows an attempt by Montaigne’s colourful chairman and chief executive, Pat Austin, to buy the company.

    The bid for Montaigne - which claims to have an expertise on management buyouts, among other things - is being opposed by managing director Stephen Keaveney.

    Montaigne has a number of high-profile investors, including the former chairman of Anglo Irish Bank, Peter Murray, Grant Thornton partner Frank Walsh, Airtricity director Louis Fitzgerald, lawyer John Lavery, former Liberty Asset Management chairman John Murphy and director of real estate at the K Club David Adamson.

    Other shareholders include Trudi Rothwell, a director of the Rothwell Family Trust charity.

    The company, which employs 20 people in Blackrock, re-opened its doors last week with fewer staff. Most of the employees have been unable to access the office since December 17.

    The locks on the doors are believed to have been changed, while employees have had their mobile phones cut off. A further five staff at a subsidiary company, Blackrock Publishing, have also not been paid since November.

    Keaveney declined to comment.

    A spokesman for the company said Austin was unavailable for comment. ‘‘The offices were open last week and the management buyout process is in train,” he said.

    Austin is believed to have told directors that he had agreed to pre-pay rent at the Blackrock offices from last week. He is also thought to have promised that salaries would be paid as soon as possible and that the rest of the staff would be reporting back to work in February.

    Austin, who was named Decision magazine’s marketing executive of the year in 2002, claims to have served as a special agent in the US Secret Service and as an intelligence officer in the US Army counter-narcotics programme.

    He is a former director of software company FPS Voyager, which collapsed in April 2004, owing €1.2 million.
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  7. Yes, I have to admit that this fellow - and his claims - struck me as suspect right from the word go (and that's even leaving aside his claim to have served during Operation Desert Storm in 1989). It's probably no coincidence that he is operating out of Ireland, and now apparently Malta, as opposed to the United States. A quick search on the internet also reveals that he is operating in business and diplomatic circles in Malta and Ireland.

    If Austin is pursued by means of the Stolen Valor Act, then I would like to know; PM me with any updates if you can Khyros.
  8. Will do Gallowglass... although it is very possible that with him operating overseas the chances are the feds won't push to extradite him over this unless it is in colusion with other crimes.
  9. Wiliam Casey died in 1987 while serving as Director of Central Intelligence. If he did work alongside William Casey, it would have to have been in the 1970s. It is interesting that he does not provide dates of service.
  10. I came across some of the postings about Pat Austin on your site. I graduated US Army Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia with this guy. We were in class 43-88 and graduated September 1988. He was an okay guy for an officer, we were both from New York and that's how we got to know each other and why I remember him. I met him again in late 1989/ early 1990 as he was recruiting linguists to work on one of those Special Unit intel programs(that all I'll say about that but it was almost 20 years ago so I am sure no one gives a rats ass). Unfortunately, my language skills weren't good enough. But that was all just before Desert Storm kicked off. I haven't seen him since 1990 but I can confirm that he was definitely an officer in Army Intelligence and was definitely Airborne, as I graduated with him.
  11. You're Pat Austin aren't you ! :)

    Seriously, If you're not, do you think he's a bullshiXXer ?
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  12. Am I the only person who finds it amazing the number of people who feel that their special "maiden" post should be used to back-up an uber-Walt of the Baron shortarrse class?
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  13. This guy should get together with the boy Shortt for an open- mike 'Walt-off', Eminem in '8 Mile' styley. :D
  14. If there was an Olympic Medal for fictitious self-aggrandizement (and an ability to feign gravitas whilst pulling the wool over the eyes of quasi-influential people), Pat Austin would win it hands down. Pat Austin is known for his abilities to stretch the truth to the breaking point and then twist it into a pretzel. He never worked for the late William Casey, former DCI or Colin Powell. Ask anyone who knew him in the US Secret Service back in the 80s and they'll smirk and roll their eyes. He flunked out of the US Secret Service after a VERY short time. He has a list of very angry creditors a mile long in the USA from his time promoting a boutique investment company called Steelgrave Investments. That's why he does his best to live the high life in Europe (because Federal agents would be waiting at the gate should he attempt to return to the USA). He was arrested and subsequently jailed in Paris for embezzlement back in 1999. It a matter of public record, just check Google or Yahoo's search engines. That was several years after trying to change his name to Patrick Augustus...(must think he's descended from a Caesar). I wonder just how this chameleon does it? Schmoozing royalty and society high fliers whilst constantly remaining just one step ahead of the law.... BusinessWeek.com has a listing for his 'investment bank,' Montaigne Investment Corporation here~~~>

    I wonder how many times he's had dinner with Bernard Madoff??? The character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film "Catch Me if You Can" is likely his role model... He is a smooth talking, con artist of the first calibre whose skin would hiss and burn if it ever came in contact with Holy Water.
  15. Did you know that this guy worked for the New Jersey mobster, Sonny Steelgrave before he died? Have a look on Google.