Possible walt - help needed

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Dread, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. Dread

    Dread LE

    Hi Guys,

    I need a bit of help. A guy has joined my company and has found out that I used to be in 4(V)Para before I joined the Gunners (4RA). He is telling stories about 'selection' and patrol stories from NI, the problem is that as soon as he starts talking about Mess life he makes loads of screwups.

    He walks with a limp apparently caused by shrapnel from a mate stepping on a landmine in the Falklands. He is old enough (just). Claims to be ex 2 Para before joining the Hereford Gun Club.

    As I do not know the colour of the boathouse (or any other silly questions), does anyone know where I can get an Army List or a list of Parachute Regt officers for 1980-1983?

  2. Captain_Calamity

    Captain_Calamity Old-Salt

    Is his left leg a few inches shorter that his right? Does he walk with a mountaineering pole?

    Think its the left leg.
  3. Dread

    Dread LE

    nope. He has put on a few pounds since he left though :)
  4. Captain_Calamity

    Captain_Calamity Old-Salt

    Knew a para that was blown up in NI at a VCP. He had 3" added to the soles of his left footwear. He used a mountineering pole - called it excaliber!
  5. Poacher

    Poacher LE

  6. Dread

    Dread LE

    Thanks for the info guys.

    I have tried doing a search for his name and cannot find it, so I suspect a Walt :( However it may be an ex-Tom pretending to be something he isnt.

    As stated earlier: claims to be ex 2 PARA and SAS.

    Anyone know of a lad called Mark W***** (and no, it isnt wnaker, though it may be if he is a walt) in 2PARA at this time (late 70's to Falklands)?
  7. fooboy

    fooboy Old-Salt

    just sent you a PM
  8. W.Anchor

    W.Anchor War Hero

    Firstly of all how did he get in with a disability, If he was an ex para he would have a PRA number, now you can only get into the Parachute Regiment Message Board or post there once yo have given this number and it has been checked. Also does he have his medals and are they engraved along the edges with his his name Regiment and Number. Just few quick checks.