Possible Walt at Royal Garden Party???

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by DroogCommander, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Afetr attending one of the recent Queens Garden Parties, I was somewhat confused by a certain chap who was standing next to me. I would have got a picture but unfortunately you werent allowed to have your turned on. Therefore I will give a quick description and let you make your own minds up.

    Gent, aged mid to late 40's. RAF service dress Pilot Officer rank. VRT on lappeles....So far fair enough. However as he turned I saw that he was also wearing Sabre Wings and Canadian jump wings on his chest( As after a quick google trawl they were the only ones I could find most like it, ble and white enamel badge). So he may have been ex Regular/ 21,23 (V) and done selction, however he had no ribbons whatsoever. One would expect someone with a bit of history like this would A. At least have been on Ops. B. Would at least have the Golden and certainly the diamond jubilee medal.

    I wasnt the only one confused by this, as the lads with me were also equally confused. I am keen to hear opinions on this.

    Walt or not? You be the Judge!
  2. Did you ask him?
  3. Did you not point him out to Phil?
  4. There was a suggestion to ask him if he knew what colour the boat house was at Hereford...............
  5. You do realise that was Prince Edward don't you ?
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  6. Sod that Hang the walt. There are loads of trees in the gardens a quick noose and he will be lost for years dangling with the vines
  7. I knew a few RAF Regt guys in 95 one, in D-Sqn... so possible if Sabre Wings were on his shoulder, arm, however you call it (would be my strapping shoulder muscle :) ) and not his chest (I assume only the Canadian wings were on his chest). May have been Rifles then done something. Then again, I need a coffee.
  8. a walt who HASNT got a huge rack of medals...thats a new one. Is he just shy or maybe a walt walt.
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  9. Sabre wings were on the Shoulder. However if he has maybe just joined the ATC (and ex SF) then had time to have his wings tailored onto his shoulder you would think that he would have got his ribbons put on so he wouldnt look like a Walt? Im keen to give the benefit of the doubt, but im struggling!
  10. How's the queen doing anyways? Did you get to meet her?
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    In the dim and distant I recall our RAF CCF schoolteachers wearing 'VRT' lapel pins. Some of those who volunteer to run these things have previous from real service.
  12. There was only one???, you obviously wasn't looking hard enough.
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  13. I know an ATC officer who started as a ATC Warrant Officer, Ex 2 Para, Never wore wings ever on his ATC uniform.

    Reason given, its cadets, I'm an adult, the badge collecting is for the kids.
  14. She's popping round here for a brew later and to do something or other to some church step, I'll ask her for you.
  15. Well it's not the RAF regt bloke in D he is now a civi and had a fair old rack on his chest. This bloke whoever he is is def not ex regular with not a single medal! If anything it could be the TA route, he could quite easily have missed out on the Golden Jubilee and I have no idea what qualifying period would be for cadet instructor for the Diamond? Ballsy bastard if he is a walt to turn up in front of her Madj.