Possible Walt Alert At Wootton Bassett.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bamber(Phil), May 27, 2010.

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  1. Possible walt Alert.
    I know there is a Walt part on site,guy this is current affairs....it was on Panora 2 days....anybody see it,if net,get on BBCipayer!
    A.T.O.; Man ,Olaf Scmitz,s widow was on.(PANRAMA)
    To cut a long story short...in the crowds at Wootton Bassett ,when Olafs body came this old this old Boy had on a set of firghter Pilots overals....They looked American to me,with an R.L.G.or RCT cap badge and black beret.To top it all,He at 4 sets of "Wings" sewn onto his right chest....th top one,s were Para cloth jump Wings,one was Air Gunner!!! the others were both RAF....In curing an RAF ptach on his left chest....but inever saw any medals on him!He,s well worth a look....could be another Roger"SAS" Day!!!
    It,s a close up....but He,s on the move....so have your pause buttonr ready!!!
  2. Bore the fcuk off.

  3. good debate.....very nasty...you,re obviousy so annoyed that you can,t debate properly....shows the level of your intellince....For proof....how many beers did Roger Day get with his 17 medal and SAS beret?
  4. Can you run that by me again.........................................in English??
  5. Sorry.. is this bloke smoking something illegal ???
  6. No He's just a kn0b who needs O2 tagging a BNP supporting fcukwit at least the old boy has shown his respect and turned up which is probaly more than what this fud has done.
  7. It does look he's new to the concept of language.
  8. I think that his avatar is also the way he types. :)

  9. Flying suit , Black beret, RCT ,couple a sets of wings, near Lyneham..... 47 Air Despatch Sqn RLC

    Oh and your a c0ck
  10. :D :D
  11. It must be the head dobber hes using.. obviously not done the cadre on it.. Even Dingerr can type better and hes been proper injured !

    (oh PS Dingerr.. if youre reading this all the best and speedy recovery )
  12. I suggest you get yourself a tazer, get down to Wotton Basset and, any fecker you are suspicious of, gets a big zap in the back of the neck, ala "the Hangover"

    That'll soon sort these pesky walts out.

    Make sure you get the ones with big racks of dubious medals you don't recognize

    you may have to battery up after a while though

    Alternatively, go to the pub and meet human beings, interact, maybe get a girlfriend etc rather than sitting alone at home watching military documentaries taking notes!!
  13. Better still. Put the tazer in your mouth and pull the trigger.
  14. The only thing worth reading on this thread is that you're back Fally. Welcome home, feck, we've missed you!
  15. Hello mucker! I haven't missed you lot though it's good to be cold at last! :D