Possible Venezuelan Civil War on the way?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Combine, Jun 28, 2017.

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  1. Depending entirely on wealth from oil to fund extravagant plans? That sounds vaguely familiar.

    Didn't Venezuela make some cocky donation of aid to the US & elsewhere a couple of years back?

    Hope they continue to make my favourite Cacique rum.
  2. Not quite the whole story. The main factor is that almost the entire country, including their oil refineries, is dependent on electricity generated by a single hydro scheme. Unfortunately this single point of failure was highlighted by an unprecedented drought, meaning that the refineries couldn't produce enough to make up the shortfall caused by the aforementioned fall in oil prices.
    This resulted in a currency crisis, which further exacerbated the problem, as due to Orinoco Belt oil being extremely heavy, light oil must be imported to enable the refining process. This means that even when the electricity supply issues are resolved, they still can't refine much oil.
    Planned economies are a bit of a laugh if no one knows how to plan.
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  3. Cheers @lastwalt. Suspected there was likely to be more to it than just oil prices.
  4. It didn't help that instead of trying to get some diversification going, they nationalised (stole) a lot of foreign owned businesses, imposed price controls (fuelling a runaway black market), printed money (hyperinflation) and blamed it all on the Yanquis.
    It's all an Evil Capitalist Conspiracy, and not at all their own fault...
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  5. Well something needs to be done about the obesity crisis, starve us and make us do exercise by joining in the civil unrest. See, JC does have the well being of the country at heart :)
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  6. FIFY.

    The people who "plan" planned economies do not have to respond to price signals so they just don't even bother.

    To people like Corbyn, Chavez and Maduro; Adam Smith's 'Invisible Hand' is well, just - invisible!

    Governments have no business being in business.

    I've seen it all before. Promises, promises, promises.

    People really believe this OPM stuff too.

    They will keep drinking the socialist cool aid right up to the point until they have to start wiping their arse with grass and leaves.

    That's the tipping point.
  7. Balls. We can't even blame Brexit or the Muslims
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  8. No. This one is a American-Fascist-Zionist-Bilderberg-Masonic coup conspiracy, with no camel herding or misleading bus adverts involved.
    Quite old school, really.
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  9. Let's hope they're more successful than the Turks.

    Here's one for the military strategists to ponder: If Corbyn and his bunch of swivel-eyed commies had won the last General election, could he deploy British troops to Venezuela to assist his 'Democratically elected' mates?
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  10. Easy one.

    Jezza would not send troops.

    What would be sent is two very important things.

    * A token shipment of toilet paper as relief supplies.

    * A tweet that suggested that Majuro was "on the right side of history"

  11. FOC, I can't see Corbyn wanting to be accused of being a red Tory
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  12. Wasn't just Corbyn and Red Ken. Here's Arrse's second favourite Member (of Parliament) telling all her followers how great the Venezuelan election was. She was there with Owen Jones and a few other "independent" election observers.

    Diane and Owen's independent and fair minded chums are:-

    Grahame Morris - Labour MP and Chair of the Unite trade union Group in Parliament.

    Hugh O’Shaughnessy - Guardian writer who, unlike Owen, steers shy of the telly.

    Seumas Milne - Former Guardian journo and even more former editor of a Comunist Party in house journal, Seumas is now Jeremy Corbyn's director of communications.

    Three Guardianistas and two loony left MPs observing the re-election of a semi-Communist government. That's about as impartial as you can get.


    A coup has been a long time coming in Venezuela. It's not just toilet paper that rarer than rocking horse sh1t, there simply isn't enough food to go round any more, even on the black market. People are starving while party members and friends of politicians get what food there is.

    Apparently the rot set in when Chavez decided to strike a blow against unemployment. He ordered the state owned oil company to take on an extra 300,000 employees. The price of Venezuelan oil went through the roof. Venezuela, with bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, now imports oil from Nigeria because it's cheaper than getting the local stuff out of the ground.
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  13. Corbyn is being mocked over Venezuela by the PM during PM's question time :)
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  14. Concentrating on oil was obviously a bad idea. Even the cocaine trade has dropped, from 4th to 6th in the world although I'd imagine that is from an outside influence rather than domestic.