Possible transfer to Australian Armed Forces - Pension and Pay queries

Thinking about making an application for transfer.

Anyone tell me:

1. Is a UK Armed Forces Pension index linked if you transfer it to Australia. I have done 23 years and can draw pension when I leave but I have heard that there are some places that the Exchequer declines to index link the pension. I am not 55 but worth knowing if I decide I like Australia and see it as a long term proposition.

2. What are pay scales for OF4 ? How do they stand in comparison to average Australian salary and house prices in Sydney and Canberra?

Thanks for your help in advance

1. Yes
2. Go to Aussie Army site - all the pay scales are published . Their pay and conditions are very good compared to ours and the average Aussie salaries. If you are leaving on an OF4 pension, it will be about the average wage in Australia.
3. Sydney is very expensive. My missus just sold her 2 bedroom flat in Sydney for AUS$560,000. It was tiny. Apparently Sydney is one of the most expensive places on the planet for housing (when compared to the average wage). Not sure about Canberra but look online, there are dozens of good estate agent sites.
1. Differences between UK Military pension and your (and your partners) UK State Pensions.
UK State pension is (currently) frozen from when you draw it. Living Overseas - The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS)
For advice about UK military pension (as the UK Government seem to be making changes every 2 mins) speak to the Forces Pension Society -- Forces Pension Society - Fighting for the forces and their families

2. Charges for married quarters are almost double what you pay in UK and the cost of utilities is eye watering. PACMAN Chapter 7 Part 5 Division 9: Contributions

The ADF are generous in the 'other' benefits they offer to laterals - you get your previous military service years added to your Australian Military Pension (MilSuper) and can access the Defence Home Assistance Purchase scheme from day 1.
More info via this link: Videos | ADF Financial Services Consumer Council

For an idea of property prices in Sydney and Canberra try Real estate properties & homes for sale, rent and share.


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