Possible transfer from Infantry

Hello everyone, just quick question if I may.

I have almost completed week 11 of Combat Infantry Course and am wishing to tranfer to Queens Dragoon Guards. It wont be long until I do my final shoot and phase 1 output tests. I have given this alot of though over xmas leave and before I go through the CoC I was just wondering what is manning like and intakes for p2 courses for Formation Recce at Bovington. There have been guys from my platoon who already have indeed tranfered to RA so I think if p2 courses are being run its on the table for me. Im doing well on the course had a good score at selection (A) and my phys is alright. Quite intelligent aswell, A levels and what not.

If anyone has any information for me I would greatly appreciate it as going to my Platoon Commander and further with at least a little knowledge on manning and p2 intakes could tip the transfer in my favor. I have done all relevant research regarding p2 training and QDG history etc so its just down to getting a big yes at Catterick

Thanks in advance
Roger! Thanks for that

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