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Evening all

Im just looking for some advice on some possible trade choices and thought theres nowhere better than here to ask a few questions. I understand the questions pretty unanswerable because you dont know me personally but its worth a try.

Basically if it wasnt for the limited opportunities and lack of quals for life after service (or so i have been told by everybody) i would have joined the infanty/guards without a doubt. I'm looking for a career where every day is different, and where there are plenty of postings and chances to do the job you are trained for. I want some action and dont want to be stuck behind a desk or in a workshop for 22 years. I've looked at Signals and REME, but i've also been recommended Avionics Tech.

As I said I want to learn a trade that i will be able to use on civvy street but would also like the role to include supporting infantry and regular postings.

Few things i have taken a look at that might be a possibility, all from the Army website (would be great to hear off anybody who has experiences) - Demolition, Intel, Electronics, Geographical Analysis

Just to let you know, i have 11 GCSE's A* - C and scored 70 for BARB but have no further quals. Before i get told to ask the CA, i have (and taken the advice on board) but i'm looking for some advice from people outside of infantry.

Cheers 8)

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Try Ammo Tech extremely wide and varied employment, quick promotion (Sgt after 4 years) and extra specialist pay once qualified in certain courses.

You would be right up there supporting the Infantry in a variety of roles.
I've looked at Ammo Tech, it looks great, the only reservation i have with it is employment after Army life. In your experience are there jobs out there for people in this trade?

Thanks for the input by the way

There are loads of jobs, they are just not obvious on the face of it, but then many Army jobs are the same.

Besides there is nothing to say that you are going to enjoy any job you undertake and may decide on a totally different career path in the future.

The trade is non-stop at the moment. We have a serious shortage in Sgt and SSgt rank. There are many people being promoted to WO2 within 10 years.

Forgot to add, you also get some nice cash incentives for joining.


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I'm with Dinger on this, ammo tech is a trade that it seems you would suit- No, I'm not one!. I would say to you though, don't get too hung up thinking about what will happen after you leave, as so long as you make the most of your time in, regardless of the unit, you will have a solid background behind you. You will have new qualifications in specialist areas, and- most importantly in my opinion- the experience of putting those new skills to use in potentially the most stressful situations imaginable, esecially if you choose to be an ammo tech! No employer can ignore that.
All of these factors combined will stand you in good stead for your future, and give you an awesome military life to reflect on when you do hang up the green kit for the last time.

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