Possible to use ELC to become gas safe registered?

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by happysapper558, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi, As the title says.

    I am leaving the army, have the relevant quals but need to become gas safe registered. Don't particularly need ELC for any courses at the moment so it would be handy if i could use them for GSR instead.

    If anyone knows, please let me know.

  2. Spotter head on.

    As you said, you are leaving the Army. What use will you getting your GSR provide to them?

    Spotter head off.

    Go for it. Don't ask, don't get.
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  3. ELC can be used long after having left the army, so whatever I use my ELC for in the future isn't going to benefit the army. It's for resettlement.

    I'll ask around
  4. Jeez..another 'I fancy my chances' CC..work is hard enough to find without 'cnuts' like you popping up..I've been doing electrical/gas for 30+ yrs(proper apprenticeship..slide rules/pen, paper(for when the calculator batteries run out)..HND/Day release..sell double glazing instead, ex army..that's all your good for..Ohhhh..I'm 'Polish' 'n' I've got no time for my 'eastern european cousins' who've cut my rates from £18.00 p.h to £11.50..'n' I'm properly insured too..
  5. What you talking about? so what if you done 30 years electric/gas? Congratulations. Why you replying if you got nothing useful to add? it's not my problem if others have pushed your prices down is it.

    Fancy my chances do I? I am eligible for ELC, it has to be spent on something so what are you complaining for? if possible to spend on GSR why not? what difference does it make if it's spent on GSR or additional quals? tell me please.

    For your information, i'm currently working alongside a plumber to gain as much experience as possible on my weekends, for free so that when I am a civvy plumber I will be doing my work to a high standard. will be a fully insured sole trader. Not a chancer at all.

    I got my quals through trade training RE am I supposed to apologise to sweats like you because of that?

    I know a few plumbers who gladly help me out when I have any questions as they want to pass their advice on to someone who is willing to learn. You are obviously a bitter, miserable old, resentful git. :D

    Don't judge someone when you know nothing.

    Go fcuk yourself 'CNUT' *thumbs up*
  6. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    For god sake man, get to the point and stop sitting on the fence!!!

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  7. To be fair I asked a simple question and was insulted by someone who don't know the facts. oh well lol
  8. his forum name fits perfick!
  9. http://www.opgo.co.uk/discuss/index.php

    That's a bunch of independant GSR engineers, they have a website/ forum that might be of assistance.........

    Although as O2 says, things are really bloody dire out here even for people who have been at it for a long time, and have a decent base of customers.

    Unless it's a dire emergency they aren't spending..... best of luck though.
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  10. Thanks for that, I'm not expecting it to be easy, I'm aware the trade is not exactly booming at the moment but with hard work i'll be ok.
  11. Where do you work, Somalia?

    I'd love to meet a "tradesman" who only charges £18.00 p/h instead of the usual ***** who quote £120.00 to fit a tap that you have supplied.
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  12. It's a very steep learning curve....a few points.

    DON'T have any debts... a shiny new van, bought on the drip will be like swimming with an anchor.

    Have as much money in reserve as you can get, this time of year when every one gets hit by bills, is dead, cash in the bank will get you through.

    Don't gamble with your own money, get your customer to give the delivery driver a cheque against materials, when they deliver the gear, you get paid on completion, it gives you and the customer confidence and weeds out the swindlers.

    Don't drop your prices if they offer you cash, it makes you look unprofessional, and that type of customer often gives trouble, just tell them you're happy with a cheque.

    Knowledge is you best tool... you must always check out what is available to do the job easily.... check out all the catalogues, compare prices.

    Don't just get an account at the local merchants, they can look cheap on the loss- leaders, but they stick it up you on the fittings.

    A lot of us use phone/ internet firms, most deliver next day, free if it's over £40

    If you do start to make money, invest it slowly in building up a "store cupboard" of bits you use frequently in the garage, and try to keep one or two of all the frequently used bits in the van, ORGANISED so you can find them....


    If you build your own racking, that lot fits in a Kangoo....


    Cheaper to run, also easier to park than a big van.

    Get a trailer to carry anything else, I bought mine for £20, 35 years ago, just had to renew the ply about 4 times.
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  13. vinniethemanxcat, excellent post, thanks!

    Some good tips there. And how do you get all that in there?! lol
  14. I am a heating engineer (gas safe) all the cert you could ask for after 40 odd years in the profession I just do jobs I want to do . Best work I did was off shore more dosh than in the domestic scene the punters know all the cheap buys they can get material cheaper than us through the web and still want long guarantees. Trouble shooting is harder than fitting a system you can't buy experience its easy when you have found the problem but getting there is an other matter

  15. What quals would be needed for offshore work?