Possible to turn down IRC to Reg C conversion?


Someone at my old unit has just got a Reg C (following the IRC to Reg C conversion board). For various reasons (wife's job change, in particular), they've actually changed their mind about staying in after the Immediate Pension Point (IPP), and therefore don't actually want a Reg C after all. (Because if they do leave at the IPP, they would be leaving on PVR terms rather than at their Run Out Date, with concomitant impact on the immediate pension.)

Our initial thoughts were, 'Tough: you applied for it - live with it.' However, there's an argument that in an age of austerity and manpower cuts, MCM might actually appreciate a little honesty, and - if procedures allow it - they might allow them to stay on their IRC, as this would save 'wasting' a Reg C on someone who doesn't intend to take advantage of it, so that MCM could award it next year to someone who does want it. Do procedures so allow? Is it possible to 'turn down' a Reg C after the board has awarded it?
That's good drills considering the Board Results aren't out till tomorrow!

Never seen it done personally, but I guess it can't hurt to ask.

And I'm sure any officer would have the integrity to be as honest with MCM Div as they are with us! :)
Yes it is. You should write to MCM asap, I think you are meant to do it within 14 days IIRC.

At least thats what I did and stayed on my IRC with corresponding EEP.

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