Possible to join 216 Sig Sqn straight from phase 2 training?

Guys, as the title says is it possilbe? Or do you have to serve in a field unit first?(yes I have done a search but cant get an up to date answer). Also is it any trade that can go to said unit?

Thanking you.
you'll miss it in the next few weeks. i don't think you have to have one for 216, we didn't need one at 22, (sr).
loads of the lads at blandford are going to 216, it's one of the easier postings to get. they won't send you if your phys isn't up to scratch though.
I sob now everytime I see a bike and its not even summer yet! Cheers guys passed selection last week with the intetntion of joining parachute reg but now umming and arring about getting a trade and qualifications. Yea my phys is up to scratch so I saw 216 as a happy compromise!
Nope just answering his questions without reading the other comments.

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